In Defense of Jay Cutler's Aloof and Arrogant Public Persona


We all have athlete bar stories, and the best ones usually involve
the biggest man on campus, the starting quarterback. And the largest man
on our campus, Chicago Bear
Jay Cutler, does his work on museum campus. He's the golden boy of
Chicago, northwest Indiana, Iowa, downstate Illinois etc.  We made
Cutler our local deity, so why the shock that he publicly comes across
as an egocentric jackass?

Back to my athlete bar story, it involves Jay Cutler
and I believe it's 100% true given what we know of Jay's public
persona, but I heard it second hand. Therefore, for the the sake of
journalistic integrity, you'll only hear it if/when we cross paths

But for now, I'll tell you why Cutler's unlikable petulance and condescension isn't so bad.

jay cutler

In her post "Why Chicago hates Jay Cutler," Chicago Now's Courtney Drobick explains the Jay phenomenon perfectly.

No matter though, Jay's unwillingness to throw himself under the
bus made us furious.  Why wasn't he blaming himself?  Where were the
tearful apologies, the "I have to do better's?"  That's what we want. 
Hold yourself accountable, man!  That's what we're used to; that's
what we need to hear!  Be the media darling we want you to be, say the
right things, and we will love you!

But a media darling, our boy is not.  He gets pissed, he looks
like a little bitch when things don't go his way, and he rarely blames

So why does Cutler come off so poorly?

Start with the Bears media relations department, who have a simple policy for dealing with the media.
That policy is "go f***  yourself." Actually, it's more "go f***
yourself and I hope you die in the parking lot on your way out."

I've met a ton of local journos who refer to Bears PR as "Police
Resistance," and the policies get more restrictive by the year. The
coordinators and Jay Cutler are only available for one hour a week;
that's it! So if you can't get to Halas Hall for that one afternoon hour
that Cutler is available on Wednesdays, I guess you're S.O.L.

Fans infer that Cutler is moody and whiny probably because he's never
allowed to say or do anything even remotely memorable to prove them
wrong during these sanitized speaking sessions referred to as "press
conferences." Not once has Cutler ever come close to being even remotely
interesting because this limited access, corporatized exercise in
message control -sometimes involving the Bears very own "reporter"
tossing Cutler softball questions- won't allow it.

So if Cutler doesn't appear warm and cuddly like the Easter Bunny,
some blame falls on the Stalinist gestapo in Lake Forest micromanaging
his media relations.

Now if you don't like Cutler's personality simply because he sucks at
football, that's another story entirely. And for that debate I
encourage you to read Rock Mamola's blog "Monday Morning Quarter-Bashing Of Jay Cutler needs to stop."

I completely co-sign this excerpt:

It is unfair to hold Jay Cutler fully accountable for the
lack luster performance of the Bears offense for the past two seasons. 
Cutler is a valuable piece to have on offense, the problem is the
Bears as a franchise have fumbled the ball numerous times by not
building around him.

So what is it about Jay that's so off-putting? If he met you in
public would he regard himself too cool to bother with you? And so what
if he did?

If he happened to be in the same place as me, I don't think I'd
really want to talk to him. I don't think Cutler has to be anyone's role
model or friend, and I don't really care what he does when he's not on
the field.

Let's not ruin sports like America has ruined politics with this DUMB
DUMB DUMB idea of "voting for the candidate you want to have a beer
with." I vote for the candidate who seems like they have TOO MUCH TO DO
to hang out with me.

Even though I love both my hometown of Chicago and football, I no
longer feel any emotional connection to the Bears. The way they handle
the media, the $100 fee to get on the season ticket waiting list, the
thousands of dollars that PSLs cost for the right to buy tickets, the
fact that even preseason tickets cost as much as the annual GDP of an
industrial nation, all that combined is too much of a sunk cost for this
MBA to emotionally invest in them. "Don't keep throwing good money
after bad" like they say in business.

But the reason I don't care isn't because Jay Cutler looks like he doesn't care about me, or you.

It's because I know for a fact that the people above him in the organizations don't care about me, or you.

Paul M. Banks is CEO of The Sports , a Midwest webzine. He is also a regular contributor to the Tribune's Chicago Now network, Walter, Yardbarker Network, and Fox

You can follow him on Twitter @thesportsbank


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