CM Punk owes it to Chicago at WWE Payback

CM Punk owes it to Chicago at WWE Payback

He may be the “Best in the World,” but right now, Phil Brooks isn’t showing it. Brooks, better known in the WWE (damn World Wildlife Fund) as CM Punk, has been in hiding since January’s Royal Rumble. While I respect his decision to walk away, Punk owes the fans that made him famous one last goodbye.

Any wrestling fan can understand Brooks’ frustration with his role within the WWE. There is no one in professional wrestling today that can cut a promo like him (with the exception of Paul Heyman). He continued to sacrifice his body week after week for what? So he can have a story line where he’s “abusing alcohol” or a storyline in which he fights a geriatric Kane? Punk knew he deserved better, and so did wrestling fans across the globe.

Then WrestleMania came around, a chance to do the right thing and put Punk or Daniel Bryan in the main event. What did the WWE decide? They put an aging out of shape Dave Batista in the main event. Not only did this backfire, but the public backlash was crazy. Punk saw the writing on the wall, another mid-card WrestleMania match with no fanfare. Luckily enough for the WWE universe, fans were outraged by this decision and forced “the Authorities” hand to put Daniel Bryan in the main event at the grandest stage of them all.

We aren’t asking for much out of Brooks, just one last appearance. I don’t care if he never wrestles again, but he owes it to the city that made him famous to say goodbye. On Sunday night at Payback in Chicago, hopefully the fans in attendance (myself included) get to hear “Cult of Personality” one last time. We don’t want to just chant “CM PUNK CM PUNK,” we want to chant “THANK YOU PUNK!”

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  • CM Punk is probably one of the top 3 athletes to ever come out of the Chicagoland area.

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    im not from Chicago but I'm a Cm punk's fan. i hope in the same way he come this sunday for a last speech. I see it almost impossible but there are miracles in this world :). I saw WWe is trying to do a brainwash to the fans they even put a video showing the best in the world but talking about Chris Jericho.

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    Punk doesn't owe anyone anything. I'm sick of this b.s. entitlement mentality of "you owe it to the fans" that the WWE pushes like propaganda. If Punk owes anybody it would be the WWE. But then again we still don't know what happened exactly and all we have are rumors and speculation. So for all we know, WWE may have screwed Punk in some way (like they did many times in the past) and he just had enough. Sorry. But Chicago and the fans shouldn't even be a factor in this situation.

  • He will be at the Blackhawks game

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