NBC's Christin Cooper True Snow Snob with USA's Bode Miller

NBC's Christin Cooper True Snow Snob with USA's Bode Miller

NBC, the National Broadcasting Company, a station of integrity, and high quality sports coverage. But the interview NBC’s Christin Cooper conducted with Bode Miller after his bronze medal winning run was far from that. This was a Fox-esque interview. It was an all-out attack with one goal in mind, to make the man cry.

Not since Jim Grey’s infamous 1999 interview with Pete Rose have I had such emotion watching an interview. Bode Miller has had a rough Olympics, failing to medal in several events that he was the favorite. He finally got over the hump in the Super G Sunday night, and won the bronze medal. After the event, NBC’s “Snow Snob” Christin Cooper interviewed Miller about his run. You could see Miller had lifted a huge weight off of his shoulder, finally medaling.

Instead of letting him enjoy his medal, Cooper went low asking about his brother he lost this year. You could see Miller was starting to get a little emotional. He answered the question like the true professional he is, but Cooper wasn’t done. She continued to pester him with 3 MORE FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS!! Asking the likes of, do you miss your brother? Did you do it for your brother? Would your brother be proud? THIS IS JUST FLAT OUT EMBARASSING. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that was hoping Miller would take his ski and swing it at Cooper.

The interview concluded by Miller falling to his knees crying. As NBC panned away, his wife came to his support consoling him. NBC has continued to pry these athletes continuously during these games asking questions about loved ones they have lost. The goal is to celebrate a victory, not try and make every single person cry.

I hope somebody at NBC is embarrassed by the way they have treated these athletes. As the great Russian skater Evgeni Plushenko said after removing himself from competition due to injury, “we are human like you, not robots.” NBC is continuing to treat these athletes as if they aren’t human beings. These aren’t multi-million dollar athletes like LeBron James, these are regular American’s trying to make our country proud. Show some respect NBC and treat these fierce competitors like human beings!

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  • Christin Cooper should be fired but first forced to apologize for the shameful way took advantage of and badgered Bodie Miller after his recent olympic performance.

    I hope by tomorrow NBC is so overwhelmed with negitive publicity that those in power will make sure she replaced.

    Mitchell J

  • In reply to midnite:

    I agree she should have had the decency to back off. However, I guess NBC will do anything to try and get ratings, but with the way this interview was conducted it may have lost them some viewers. I'm sure she is very smug and pleased with herself, its disgusting that she would do this seeing Bode becoming overcome and still pushing.

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    You are just as despicable and pathetic in saying this was a Fox-esque interview. You're both lacking class, and deserve each other. You are no better than she is. If anything, you're saving her a seat in the "Insensitive Ass" section of Hell.

  • That was pathetic. Where is the humanity?

  • Christin Cooper, you should be ashamed of yourself, pushing Bodie until he broke down. You have no business interviewing anyone!!!!

  • Christin Cooper's Olympic reporting performance tonight was despicable. NBC should insist she apologize for badgering Bodie Miller then release her to Fox News where she belongs. What an Ass!

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    I saw the interview, actually the only part of the Olympics I had watched. Was appalled at the behavior of the interviewer, Cooper, but just really sad someone didn't grab that camera and smash it. Both should be reprimanded or fired immediately. But then again, we all know NBC has very low standards and are only after the sensational story. Wonder how the execs would feel if they had been standing in Bode's shoes. Or do they even feel these things. There are some things that should not be tolerated and this is a prime example. Will not be watching any more of the coverage. Had enough!!

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    Wow...what a BS article. Written by an obvious leftist, who has to inject their left wing bias. NBC is a left wing organization so it doesn't surprise me they had no class in badgering Body. "Fox-esque interview"..LMAO.

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    Snarky Fox comment aside, NBC Sports needs to answer for the decision to let the Cooper interview with Bode Miller air in the first place. The interview in question happened HOURS ago. It wasn't live and could have been edited or not shown at all. Cooper's judgment was bad enough, but NBC's failure to grasp the problem was even worse. Cooper needs to be sent home stat, and NBC needs to issue an apology and knock off those sort of interviews for the rest of its coverage.

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    ok guys the questions are a little harsh (obviously) but how bout we get angry at the producer in her ear telling her to keep pushing

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    This was very disheartening. And while I hate to go off-topic I will because you sir, did! I find it disgusting and stupid that you decided to politicize your article with your "foxesque" word! So being such a well informed blogger in your mind, I'd like to ask you to give me one journalistic example to back that comment. NBC on the other hand has fired two people in the last couple of months because of cold-heartless attacks on others...and yet you call this Foxesque! You, are so out of touch with reality it's not even scarey its pathetic! Good day to you sir!

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  • How did Bode Miller react when Cooper asked him about Benghazi?

  • Why the dig at Fox. Maybe you can enlighten us when someone from Fox has behaved as reprehensibly as Ms.Cooper did. As for the Pete Rose interview totally different . Rose has since admitted he lied about gambling.

    I can only guess that your love of NBC may have something to do with NBC's parent company giving millions to the DNC. Being a big supporter of Obama ( who was a guest at their CEO's house ). And their sponsorship of MSNBC. Yes no bias at NBC.

  • Snarky comment indeed. You're right about the interviewer, but no need to inject your views here. It takes away from your message.

    It was embarrassing to watch that interview - I kept wishing Bode would just walk away.

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    This is such a pathetic excuse for an article. Your biased comments proved that you are no better than Christin.

  • The interview was cringe worthy & nauseating, just like the purveyor of this post comparing it too something Fox would do. It is clear which side of the bed you get up from every morning, the far left, just like your good friend Christin Cooper.

  • I think it is absolutely disgusting how reporters hound people - it is not right at all. What a stupid question to ask anyone that has lost a loved on - do you miss them? SERIOUSLY! That is very Cold-hearted. Why can't they just let these athletes enjoy their victories and/or losses. It is so inhumane of these reports to badger them. She should be fired & be allowed to report any more! Send her packing. I am sure there are enough wonderful people out there wanting to report the correct way! I for one will not watch NBC news again & we watch it every night at 6:30 - will be watching ABC news now!

  • The NBC presenters are the worst in Olympic history. They ruined everything from the opening ceremony right through the games. NBC should be ashamed. Alas, there is no shame in the television world.

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