White Sox Should Explore Cardinals David Freese

White Sox Should Explore Cardinals David Freese

With the exciting news Tuesday of the signing of Jose Dariel Abreu, the Sox have a cornerstone for one of the hard to find corner positions. But the key word is “one.” In 2013, the Sox shuffled in and out different bodies at third base, never quite finding the right person. They need a young guy, maybe in his late 20’s early 30’s who has a good glove and has shown the ability to hit for power. A guy who can handle the pressures of playing for a big time team. A guy like David Freese.

Freese would be the perfect fit for the White Sox. He would give the South Siders stability for next 6 years at a position they have had trouble filling since Joe Crede’s back gave out on him. Looking at the 2014 free agent list, the pickings are slim. The best options are Sox re-treads in Juan Uribe and Kevin Youkilis, but nobody wants to go down that road again. Just in 2012, Freese put up a stat line of .293/20/79 in a pitcher friendly park in Busch Stadium. Moving him to a hitter friendly park like US Cellular Field could do a guy like that wonders

So why would the Cardinals move a 30 year old third baseman who was the World Series MVP in 2011 and an all-star in 2012? They have three infielders and just two spots. Matt Carpenter, the Cardinals starting second baseman in 2013, was a third baseman playing second base and with hot shot rookie Kolten Wong making his arrival, it might be time for the Redbirds to move David Freese. And with his down 2013 (.262/9/60), the market shouldn’t be as high for Freese as it was just a few years back.

Anyone who just watched the World Series knows the Cardinals need desperate help on their bench. The White Sox have two potential plus bench players in Alejandro De Aza and Jeff Keppinger. A package of one of those along with a prospect might be enough to tempt the Cardinals in moving Freese. With David coming off a poor 2013, his value is at all-time low, and the perfect time for the Sox to swoop in and snag him.

Freese will be a free agent this winter, making it possible for the Sox to sign him outright, but why not try and move some bad contracts in the meantime. While the contracts of De Aza and Keppinger might be bad in the Sox eyes, they are the perfect type of players the Cardinals are looking for. Hahn is one for one so far with the signing of Abreu, lets make it two for two; pick up that phone and give our friends to the South a call.


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  • Can the Sox move Konerko to third base? He played 3B in the minors. It would allow us to keep Dunn, Abreu, and Pauly. With all that power, it could be the 2nd coming of the '27 Yankees.

  • In reply to hdog1017:

    I can't help but laugh at this comment. Konerko hasn't been in the minors for 15 years. Have you watched a sox game in recent seasons? Konerko is easily one of the slowest players in baseball, and his reactions aren't improving as he inches near 40. Pauly will retire as one of the great CWS players...it's time for that to happen now.

  • I like the idea for both the Sox and the Cards, but it would still take a solid prospect...and don't think the White Sox are the only team that could use a fairly young 3B. The Sox' farm system is one of the worst in baseball, and assuming they have a guy who the Cards would want, it would once again leave the cupboard bare.

  • Konerko would have the whole offseason to get in shape and get prepared for a position change...Miguel Cabrera just did it.

  • I don't understand this article at all. Freese does not have a good glove. He ranked 33rd among MLB 3rd Basemen with minus 14 runs saved according to the Fielding Bible. Also the only way Freese will be a free agent this winter is if the Cardinals choose to not tender him an offer. I seriously doubt they will just let Freese walk.

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