Chicago Bulls should roll dice on DeMarcus Cousins

Chicago Bulls should roll dice on DeMarcus Cousins

While the Bulls may have the “heart of a champion,” they don’t have the talent of a champion.  This was evident in their matchup with the defending champion Miami Heat.  Even with a healthy D-Rose, the Bulls don’t have what it takes to defeat the Heat in a seven game series.  What the team needs is legitimate post presence that can score.  Not one with spray on hair who would rather yell “Gimme that” instead of actually grabbing the basketball.  The Bulls need a young, legitimate big, who can score the basketball.   A player like the Sacramento Kings 22 year old center DeMarcus Cousins.


So why would a team just give up on a young emerging star?  Because Cousins is selfish, immature, and somewhat un-coachable.   In his short two year NBA career, he’s gotten in to several altercations with two different coaches.  His first dispute came with former Kings Coach Paul Westphal.  Westphal claimed Cousins was “unwilling/unable to embrace traveling in the same direction as his team.”  Cousins won this battle with the organization, getting Westphal fired.


This past year, Cousins again caused the Kings headaches.  Cousins was again accused of “unprofessional behavior and conduct detrimental to the team.”  He was suspended for a few games, but later returned.  With the problems he has caused, there have been whispers around the league that Cousins is available for the right price.


With all of his off the court antics, some teams would label him a “disease.”  But this is a curable disease.  Zach Randolph was once labeled a “disease.”   Randolph found a new home in Memphis and is now an all-star.  With the right players around him, and the right coach, Cousins could turn his career around just like Randolph.  Luckily for Chicago, the Bulls have the remedy for this disease.


Pairing Cousins with a strong leader in D-Rose, and a strong coach in Tom Thibodeau, Cousins could finally achieve his tremendous potential.  At Kentucky, Cousins played with a strong coach (John Calipari) and a strong core featuring John Wall.  With this pairing, Cousins put up monster numbers leading to him being drafted 5th overall.  With Rose’s strong desire to win, he could control Cousins and keep him in line.


Sure Cousins comes with a lot of baggage, but GarPax needs to make this move.  The Kings appear ready to move Cousins, and the Bulls have some attractive pieces to them.  They have draft picks and Taj Gibson.  The pairing of Gibson and draft picks might be enough to bring back Cousins.  If they wanted to get real creative, they could send Deng out to Sacramento and try to lure Tyreke Evans back.  While Tyreke is probably a pipe dream, you can never say never.  The Sacramento organization is in disarray right now, and they are in full rebuilding.  What better way is there to completely revamp the roster than bring in draft picks and expiring contracts.  Cousins and Evans haven’t brought them out of the cellar, but are both very talented players that should be on the Bulls radar.


The Bulls don’t usually take chances on players with “questionable” character issues, but they need to make an exception with Cousins.  The last time the Bulls put their neck on the line with a player similar to Cousins was when they acquired Dennis Rodman.  Rodman was a “cancer” that nobody wanted to touch.  Enter Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson, and Rodman became a different player.  Sure, he was still a clown with his multi-color hair, but he never became a major distraction.  All Rodman did was help the Bulls win three straight championships.


Pairing up a 22 year old Cousins with a 24 year old Rose would cause the Eastern Conference fits for years to come.   If there’s one thing the super power Heat lack, is size.  The combination of Noah and Cousins would give the Bulls a major edge in a potential playoff matchup.  Forget Kevin Love, Cousins is the play for the Bulls.


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  • Id love Cousins. I just doubt Sacremento is going to take a backup PF and a few late round draft picks for him .

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