More WNBA draft coverage, less Chicago White Sox Baseball

More WNBA draft coverage, less Chicago White Sox Baseball

The WNBA is a dying product here in the US.  Stadiums are empty, ratings are terrible, and 95% of the public couldn’t even name a WNBA team, let alone a player.  They have had players come and go who were supposed to bring the game to new heights, but have been unsuccessful.  I’ve got a suggestion on how to increase ratings, put it up against White Sox baseball!

Nothing is more dreadful to watch than Chicago White Sox baseball these days.  From the telecast, to the product on the field, it’s unwatchable.  The Cubs at least have reached “fun bad” levels.  They might cork out five wild pitches in one inning, commit errors on back to back plays, balk in the winning run, or heck, resign Kevin Gregg.  That’s entertainment at its finest right there.  The Sox aren’t entertainment, they are sheer agony.

This past Monday, the Sox matched up against former Southsider, and fan favorite, Mark Buehrle.  As a Sox fan, I was excited to see him pitch against his former team.  The only problem was I didn’t get to see him pitch.  Every time the Sox were up, the inning lasted a whole two minutes.  I have never seen a more pathetic lineup than the one the Sox are putting on the field these days.  There are at least 5 automatic outs in the lineup right now: Dunn, De Aza, Keppinger, Viciedo, and Flowers.  Konerko is finally starting to show his age, and Conor Gillaspie isn’t going to keep this up all year.  The only two players who are producing are Rios and Alexei.

Not only is the product on the field terrible, the broadcast is just as unbearable.  I’m the biggest Hawk fan there is, but when the Sox are going bad, it’s a hard listen.  You can feel the pain in his voice, making Sox fans just as miserable.  Stone Pony is a great color commentator, but when Hawk goes into “Silent Hawk,” there isn’t a broadcaster in the world who could make it work.  Hawk has often talked about dying in the box, if the Sox continue to hit the way they are, that day might be coming sooner than later.

As a result of the Sox dreadful play, I turned on ESPN2 to watch coverage of the WNBA draft instead.  Yes I watched coverage of the WNBA draft!  I was desperate for anything other than White Sox baseball, and this was the next sports channel on my TV.  What resulted was pure excitement for the Chicago Sky’s new selection Elena Delle Donne.  I can honestly say I’ve never watched a WNBA game in my life, but I might actually watch one this coming season.  The girl looks like she can play, and might bring a little excitement to the WNBA in Chicago.

Would I have ever watched the WNBA draft if it wasn’t for the play of the White Sox, of course not.  I didn’t even realize the WNBA draft was on, let alone televised.  But to be honest, I’m happy the Sox turned me to it.  Chicago has a new star in Elena Delle Donne, and hopefully women across Chicago support her and the Sky.  If the women start to support them, their husbands will soon follow.  This is an important time for the Sky as a franchise, and hopefully they can gain some respect in Chicago.  I’m sure I’m not the only one in Chicago who had to turn off the Sox game due to dreadful play, and hopefully others found the draft.  The Chicago Sky owe the White Sox a big thank you, they got one more fan because of them.



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  • I'll take a reluctant WNBA fan over a hater. Thanks for posting this, Chicago Sports Fan...nice job. And if you're interested in coming out to a game at the Allstate Arena, I can hook you up! Love, your sister in frustrated baseball fandom (Cubs edition). the Token Female

  • In reply to Alison Moran:

    Thanks Alison and I fully intend on attending my first Sky game this year

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