Chicago Cubs need to make run at Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton

Chicago Cubs need to make run at Marlins' Giancarlo Stanton

As most Cub fans know, the organization is in the “rebuilding “stages. General Manager Theo Epstein’s plan revolves around building the franchise within, making the Cubs one of the top farm systems in baseball. So far, all the Cubs have done is stockpile young players in hopes of finding the next young superstar. Well, that young superstar is currently in a Marlins' uniform, and the Cubs need to go get him.

Miami Marlins young slugger Giancarlo Stanton is a promising prospect. Not since Miguel Cabrera appeared on the scene in 2003 has a talent of this magnitude come up. Both players started their major league career as outfielders, and both put up impressive power numbers in their first few years. Cabrera just recently won the Triple Crown in 2012, and Stanton has that kind of ability. If you have a chance to get a young Miguel Cabrera, you don’t pass up that opportunity.

Scouts have been in awe the past few years over the sound the ball makes leaving Stanton’s bat. Being compared to some of the games top sluggers, Stanton has been labeled a perennial 30 hr/100 rbi type player. So far, they haven’t been wrong. The 6’5 monster has been in the big leagues for two and half years and already has 93 home runs and 232 RBI’s, and guess what? He’s only 23 years old! Putting Stanton in a ballpark like Wrigley Field along with more big league experience; his numbers only figure to go up.

So why would the Marlins get rid of such a promising young player? That’s what the Marlins do. They look for players on the cheap so they don’t have to shell out big contracts. Luckily for the Cubs, money isn’t an issue. Stanton’s currently making a little less than 500k a year, but is arbitration eligible after this season. He has become frustrated with his situation and has openly said he would like to get traded. Though the Marlins have said they aren’t trading him, there continues to be whispers around baseball that they’ll listen to offers.

With the Marlins yet again going cheap, the Cubs need to call down to Miami and see what it takes to get him. If it takes four of our top prospects, or even Starlin Castro, the Cubs need to pull the trigger. Other than Rizzo, all of the Cubs prospects are nice players, but they aren’t superstars. Stanton is a superstar caliber player. Putting Stanton and Rizzo at 3 and 4 would set up the Cubs for years. All of the best teams in baseball have legitimate 3 and 4 hitters. They are very hard to find and the Cubs haven’t had that since Lee and Ramirez in 2008. The left (Rizzo) right (Stanton) combination would give NL Central teams fits for years to come.

Stockpiling prospects is a good strategy in theory, but it rarely works. Ask the Royals how it’s working out for them. They are always rated one of the top farm systems with the next up and coming stars. What has that gotten them, continued bottom dwellers of the AL Central. Teams win with superstars and established lineups. If Epstein can work his magic and find a way to land Stanton, the Cubs would be set up for the next 10 years and instantly become contenders.

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