Mike Martz Vindicated....Former Bears OC Deserves Apology

Mike Martz Vindicated....Former Bears OC Deserves Apology

"Tell Mike Martz go ..... yourself."   All Bears fans remember the TV cameras picking up Jay Cutler yelling that at the sideline.  Bears fans laughed, and all of Chicago agreed.  Martz was the guy who was "responsible" for the 24th ranked offense that averaged 22 points a game.  If the Bears would just launch Martz, and his seven step drops, the team could be a top 10 offense.  Bear nation envisioned greatness like the green and gold up north.  Well, Bear fans got their wish and Martz was shown the door.  Problem solved right?  The answer to that is a BIG FAT NO!  The Bears currently rank 28th in the NFL behind offensive juggernauts such as the Brandon Weeden led Cleveland Browns and the Jake Locker led Tennessee Titans.  This is an offense that has the Bears single season reception record holder Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and promising rookie Alshon Jeffery.  If you compare that to last years squad who featured "Mr. First Down" Roy Williams, Johnny Knox, and Forte, the talent isn't even close.  This team features a legitimate one two punch, something the Bears have never had.  There's no reason this squad should bad.  Fans might point to the offensive line, but this is the same line the Bears had out there last year minus Frank Omiyale.  If anyone thinks Frank is a difference maker, I ask you to please stop watching the Bears.

Before Cutler went down last year, Martz had the Bears offense rolling.  They were averaging 27 points a game, and the team looked primed to make another playoff run.  Unfortunately, the injury occurred and there wasn't a capable backup on the squad.  Sure Martz did some crazy things, but he ran a offense.  It wasn't predictable, and he was always adding new wrinkles to the game plan.  The 2012 Bears have turned into a very predictable group.  They can't run the ball and they can only find ways to get Brandon Marshall open.  I've never coached a football game in my life, and I'm pretty sure I could find a way to get Marshall open. If Martz could average 27 points a game last year with that rag tag group, I'm sure the numbers would be even better with Marshall and Jeffery.

The 2012 Bears have also struggled to find ways to use Matt Forte.  Tice has used his as a straight ahead runner all year and can't figure out how to use him as receiver.  This was Mike Martz greatest strength.  He helped turn Forte from an average back to a premier back.  He was able to get him matched up against linebackers and make him the premier pass catching running back in the league.  While Cutler might be cussing out Martz, Forte should be thanking him for his fat pay check.

Mike Martz wasn't perfect by any means but he never deserved the criticism he received.  He worked miracles with the lack of talent he had last year, and it's to bad he didn't get a shot to work with this group.



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  • I saw from your about the author page, you played baseball at Elmhurst College. I have heard stories from that program about a stud pitcher named Robert Goldblatt. Can you write some stories about him sometime? Good read by the way.

  • Great post. I almost feel like now that the Bears have Marshall, Martz may have been a better option as OC.... How about that. I'd love to hear that phone call, but then again it would come from Emery who wants to usher in a new era of Bears' football.

  • "Before Cutler went down last year..." Martz was sure doing his best to get Cutler killed.

    If the comparison is 24th to 28th, the offense is mediocre either way, despite the big bucks paid to the franchise quarterback.

    The Bears are offensive in the same sense that the roadkill skunk is. And Lovie knows about as much about offense.

  • Jack, there's no way around it, we don't have an offense. But with Martz as the OC, there were signs of an actual offense. You have to remember, the final ranking of 24th was due to Caleb Hannie playing the amount of games he did. If Cutler would have finished the season, we would have been in the teens.

  • In reply to Steve Huisel:

    But he didn't. At least this year, Cutler isn't holding the record for all time being sacked.

    And apparently nobody developed Hanie to take over in the crunch. Supposedly, Campbell is experienced, but apparently nobody prepared him either.

    I'm sure Martz got the most out of Greg Olsen, too.

    Using the offensive analogy again, the skunk wouldn't stink as much if it had not been run over.

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    Martz's biggest sin was he was actually trying to score with what he had. At some point, the offensive line actually has to pass block. Also, Martz never wanted Hanie in the first place and he was actually criticized for it. As far as Campbell, the biggest prerequisite is mobility. That is why Josh McCown is a better option for the Bears. Greg is useless in max protection and therefore would be of no use to Mike Tice as well. Constant max protection is ultimately defeatist and will not cut it against real teams.

  • In reply to Charles Johnson:

    No matter how the round pegs are being rearranged into square holes, I don't still see how either the Martz or Tice option gets one beyond mediocre. Basically, you are saying that neither max protection nor max concussion works.

    And as far as statistics, nfl.com has Detroit with the second rated offense, but they aren't going to the Super Bowl this year either. And it doesn't help rankings that Indianapolis, Denver, SF, and Washington, for instance, have moved up or leapfrogged the Bears. Apparently two teams drafted QBs this year that actually helped them.

  • Martz does not deserve anything. He was a coach that made players try to fit rigidly into his "system."

    The main reason Mike McCoy and Bruce Arians are considered front runners for the new HC job is that they are flexible and fit their talent around their players and not try to mold players into roles that do not best suit their talents.

    Mike Tice was not s play caller. He was a first time OC and wasnt fit for the job. Nobody owes Martz anything.

    This article owes Bears fans an apology we are smarter than that.

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