The Bears Are Closer to Collapse Than Contenders

Another Sunday, another Bears loss.  That is the pattern as of late and with the season rapidly winding down there aren't many more Sundays left for mistakes.  The Bears lost to the Green Bay Packers for the second time this season and for the sixth time straight.  The Packers left Soldier Field NFC North champions after being down two full games to the Bears in the division race earlier in the season.  While the Packers celebrated the Bears searched for answers to explain another crushing defeat.  The Bears were 7-1 at one point this season and have now fallen to 8-6 and on the verge of a monumental collapse by missing the playoffs.

The loss today was so devastating that it almost drove Brandon Marshall to tears when talking about it in the post-game.  ”Everybody involved in the offense should be accountable, even if that means jobs," he said “It's been this way all year."  "There's no excuse. We have two games left. There's still hope. But at the same time, we need to be held accountable."  Marshall's brief press conference did more than show emotion.  It showed the truth.  How is it a player who hasn't been on the team for a full season has figured this out before any of the players or coaches who have been here for years?  The Bears feel comfortable towing the line and trying to find positives even on the verge of an epic collapse so it was nice to see Marshall state that this type of attitude should not be tolerated and a higher standard needs to be put into place.  What this all mean is unknown at the time but should the Bears keep with their current pattern and miss out on the playoffs general manger Phil Emery will have a lot of tough decisions to make in the off-season.

Everyone is at fault for the Bears recent collapse.  From upper management to the head coaching staff to the players it is a domino effect.  Not addressing the offensive line in the off-season was head scratching at best.  Continuing to state that Devin Hester and Kellen Davis were legit receiving threats when they clearly aren't brings in to question talent evaluation.  Calling ten yard screen passes on third and forever repeatedly and the inability to get a play called within 40 seconds and wasting timeouts makes the play calling an unnecessary evil.  Alshon Jeffery being unable to catch a ball without causing offensive pass interference on three(!) separate occasions is one of the most maddening things I have ever seen and the defenses' inability to get the takeaways it got earlier in the season and cover wide open receivers has made this defense a ghost of what it was earlier this year.

There are problems everywhere and after Sunday the playoffs look less likely after the rest of the day's scores were final.  The Redskins, Cowboys, Vikings and Seahawks all won and despite getting blown out in Atlanta, the Giants are still in the mix as well.  The Bears don't control their own playoff destiny anymore which may have been what Lovie was hinting at when he said "we have to find another way in." but does anyone want to see this Bears team in the playoffs after these last six weeks?  Does anyone think it would be anything more than a one and done with this team if they went up against the Falcons, 49ers, Packers or any other team in the NFC playoff hunt?  If the Bears somehow make the playoffs and get bounced in the first round does that still spell the end for Lovie and the coaching staff or will playoffs be enough to satisfy the front office to see how the final year of Lovie's contract plays out in 2013?

Where are you at on this Bears fans?  Are you as fed up and frustrated with this team as I am?  Does it seem like another lost season?  Should the Bears try to make the playoffs or jockey for position in the draft order?  Is Lovie the fall guy of this collapse or is it something deeper that needs to be addressed?  Sound off on the comment section and let me know where your head is at because watching this current Bears team the last six weeks has taken years off of my life and completely killed any enjoyment I got out of watching them this season.

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