The 'Attitude' Debate? Give Me That Any Day Over Another QB Controversy

Going a day without hearing someone talk about Jay Cutler's attitude or demeanor is like turning on the Weather Channel and not hearing about Hurricane Sandy. It ain't happening! The Bears are off to a 6-1 start and look to be contenders for a spot in the Super Bowl but all I have been hearing about week in and week out is whether or not Cutler is a jerk or what a camera caught him doing or saying that has everyone up in arms. There have been seven Bears games this season and so far there has been 'Shove-gate' between Cutler and J'Marcus Webb, the 'Sit-down/Get up' incident between Jay Cutler and Mike Tice, grilling a reporter for more specifics when asked if he was forcing the ball to Brandon Marshall too much, and now we have the 'Did he or didn't he curse at a fan at halftime' debate. Does any of this really matter? No, but it makes for filling time on radio and TV between the talking heads and it is a hot topic with varying opinions that will definitely light up the phone lines.

While I personally like Jay a lot and love the way he carries himself on and off the field and have grown tired of the debate on his attitude both locally and nationally, I will take this kind of talk every day for the rest of my life if it remains the main topic of conversation when it comes to our Bears. You know what could be worse? Hearing about the latest quarterback controversy the Bears were used to having before they landed Cutler.

Since Jay has got here he may have ruffled some feathers but he has solidified a position the Bears were used to rotating more than a pig on a spit every season. We all remember the list that every Bears/Packers broadcast would show with the number of quarterbacks the Bears have gone through while Green Bay stood pat with Brett Favre. How nauseating was that? While Cutler has suffered some injuries and we have seen some other quarterbacks under center in his absence the talent level between Cutler and the next Bears QB on the depth chart is so over matched that there is no calls for the likes of Caleb Hanie or Todd Collins or Josh McCown or Jason Campbell to take over when Jay has a bad night. Even a bad Jay performance doesn't deter a clear headed Bears fan. The Bears' best chance of winning is with Cutler under center.

Gone are the days of "training camp battles” between quarterbacks who would be backups on other NFL rosters. The days of Rex Grossman versus Kyle Orton are over in Chicago. There is no need to call Chad Hutchinson off of his surf board and suit up for the navy and orange. No more days of over the hill free agent signings like Chris Chandler, Brian Griese, and Kordell Stewart(I threw up in my mouth just thinking about that experiment). We don't have to worry about going to third and fourth options in a single season. There is no Henry Burris or Moses Moreno or Steve Stenstrom or Craig Krenzel or Jonathan Quinn needed to set quarterback play back 47 years.

The Bears have their franchise quarterback (finally!) in Jay Cutler. Love him or hate him, he is the quarterback we have starved for in this city and the kind of quarterback that can lead a team to a championship. He has a cannon for an arm and the ability to scramble when needed. He can be erratic and make poor decisions at times but for the most part he is a tough SOB who wants to make every throw and every play count. Jay is on pace to shatter records for the Bears, most of which are held by heralded old time quarterback Sid Luckman, a guy most Bears fans' parents weren't alive to see play. Cutler will easily break the all time Bears passing yards record by the end of next season held by none other than Sid Luckman. Cutler is already within 4,000 yards of Luckman's record which took him 11 seasons to achieve. Other categories in Cutler's sights? Completions (904 to Jim Harbaugh's 1,023), touchdowns (72 to Luckman's 137), games with 300+ yards passing (7 to Bill Wade's 9, that's it?) just to name a few.

While the debate of Cutler's attitude and actions may come in to question at times and the argument will seemingly never end, just remember there are a lot worse conversations we could be having about quarterbacks. Just ask the New York Jets. (BARF!) Luckily, with Cutler under center we will not have to have another quarterback controversy in Chicago for a long, long time.

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