Where Is The High Powered Bears Offense?

When the Bears' offense exploded against the Colts in the home opener of the season most fans thought this would be a weekly occurrence.  When the offense sputtered against the Packers a week later it was seen as an aberration.  Sunday's game against the Rams was the game for the offense to get back on track and right the ship after 10 days of "Shove-gate" headlines and national attention being paid to Jay Cutler's body language.  Well, get ready for a week of headlines like the one above after the Bears' offense managed a measly 274 yards of total offense and only 171 passing.

The Bears' offense was supposed to be unlike anything we have ever seen with a legit #1 wide receiver in Brandon Marshall and a big, athletic rookie in Alshon Jeffery being combined with a quarterback with a cannon for an arm and a two headed monster running game with Forte and Bush.  Instead, it has been a one game wonder and two games of the same ol', same 'ol.  Cutler seemed erratic and rushed passes or threw behind receivers even when his offensive line gave him time, Bush started out solid but slowed down considerably and the running game never was consistent and the wide receivers and tight ends dropped balls that were hitting them in the hands and chests.  It was an overall snore-fest for fans that were looking for any reason to get up and cheer the offense but it was the defense, which has been the real offense for what seems like decades that provided the fireworks.

Now a win is a win but does anyone really feel good about it?  It definitely wasn't an offensive performance to silence the critics and certainly not a performance to make it feel like everything is back on track.  The Rams aren't a great team.  They have been better than advertised because they stick around in games but at no point during Sunday's games did it seem like the Rams were going to take over.  The score read 23-6 as the final but it sure didn't feel like a solid victory.

The Bears offense has got to improve if Super Bowl aspirations, or even postseason aspirations, to be plausible.  In a weekend when the 49ers, which are viewed as the top team in the NFC, fell to the lowly Vikings and the Lions lost after a head scratching finish against the Titans it was the Bears who should have come out of Sunday looking like the contenders we all think they are.  Instead we are left with an empty feeling that almost seems like the Bears lost the game.  The Bears defense stepped up and played the way we hope they will play the remainder of the season but with such a lackluster showing on offense it will be hard to determine which Bears offense shows up next Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys.

The offense as a whole has to step up and plays like the high powered group they say they can be.  Cutler needs to not rush passes, throw into double coverage and make smarter decisions with the football.  His offensive line needs to cut down on unnecessary penalties, blockage breakdowns and learn to play angry.  The running backs need to use their power and speed for all four quarters and not just on occasion while also providing a safety net for Cutler.  A consistent run game means opponents have to respect the run and opens up the playbook for play action and screen passes.  The wide receivers need to hang on to the ball better.  Too many times in three games have there been balls that bounce, juggle and fall out of the wide receivers hands.  From Marshall on the way down the depth chart, the wide receivers have got to be able to hold on to balls thrown their way.  And Kellen Davis needs to invest in longer spikes.  I can't recall a game this season where I haven't seen him laying on the ground multiple times.  He must be more reliable and upright in order for Cutler to look his way down the field.  Play calling wise I would like to see the Bears stretch the field more often.  I want to see some deep passes from Cutler and would love to see a pass caught in stride instead of stopping and turning to make the catch.  Am I nitpicking?  Maybe, but with the expectations of this season and the best looking offense on paper that a Bears organization has ever had, it should not be too difficult to accomplish.

I'm hoping these last two games are games that we look back on at the end of the season and laugh about why we were so concerned with the offense.  The Monday Night Football showdown against the Dallas Cowboys would be as good a time as any to turn it around.

What do you think?  Am I making too big of a deal over the offense?  Do you believe the Bears can turn it around?  How do you feel about the win against the Rams?  Let me know in the comments section below.

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