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Hi. My name is Marc and I am a sports addict.

Not just any kind of sports addict, but one of the more severe cases.  I'm a Chicago sports addict.  If there's a Chicago team on the TV I'm tuning in.  Whether it's professional, college, hell even a high school volleyball game, I will tune in even if it's briefly.  If you're like me, then welcome to your therapy session.  If your week revolves around getting home to see the big pitching match-up on the North or South side, kick off, the opening tip, or the first puck drop then this is the place for you.  The goal of this blog is to not only cover each of the major Chicago sports teams in an unbiased fashion but also to be the most interactive blog out there.  Whether it's through Twitter, Facebook, the comments section, poll questions, or whatever else is at my disposal, the goal is to be your go to site for the latest Chicago sports news, opinion pieces, match-up previews, game day predictions, and hopefully some interviews of Chicago sports athletes, coaches and personalities.

A little background on myself: Graduated from the University of Indianapolis in 2009 with a Communication degree with a focus in sports information.  I did radio mostly and am still pursuing a career in that field.  I worked for both the Chicago Bears and Northwestern Wildcats in the 2011-2012 season for both teams.  I've lived in the south suburbs all my life, I'm a die hard Bears, Cubs, Bulls and Blackhawks fan. (Easy Sox fans, I'm not one of those Sox haters.  While I don't root for them, I watch their games when they are on and was happy to see them win in 2005.)

This blog will be updated as often as I can.  The goal is every day or at least every other day and depending on news developments or big games it will be more often.  An example is during every week leading up to a Bears game that I have some keys to the game or things to watch for during the broadcast.  I will also try to live Tweet during the games as well and offer a post game recap or opinion piece the following day.  I also plan on having different categories for specific items on this blog.  For example, "Group Therapy" would be an interactive section dedicated to having interaction with all of you so we can discuss games, news, drafts, etc.  The goal is for it to be the most interactive section of the blog with "Live Group Therapy" going on during games.  "Couch Potato" would be updated with schedules, opponents, start times, etc. so you have everything you need before kicking back and watching a game.  "Getting Your Fix" would be the main source for breaking news, updates, and developments.  "Detox" would be posts about whatever is going on in my mind that I want to get off of my chest.  "Rehab" is a work in progress, not quite sure what that will be yet, maybe post game reactions or something, I haven't nailed it down yet, but check it out too.

As I said, this blog is meant to be interactive so post opinions, tweets, Facebook posts, tell me what you like, don't like, want more coverage of, etc.  I welcome it all.  I hope you guys(and girls) enjoy and are in it for the long haul like me.  We are the real fans, the true fans, the Chicago Sports Addicts!

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    Marc Dykton

    I am the creator of "Ringside Chicago" and "Chicago Sports Addict". I have lived in the south suburbs all of my life. I am a die hard fan of the Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Blackhawks, WWE and FC Barcelona(that's right I like soccer). I attended the University of Indianapolis and graduated with a degree in Communication with a focus in Sports Information. Anything else you want to know? Feel free to ask I am an open book.

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