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Getting to know: Chicago's 47th Ward

Most of what I’ve covered so far has been larger scale organizations that cater to specific populations. During the course of ┬ámy research into┬áTree House, I called the 47th Ward service office. (The 47th ward being where the Cat’s at Work pilot program is taking place.) The phone was answered by a bright, cheerful voice,... Read more »

What you can do: Tree House Humane Society

Tree House has a unique problem: too many people. Well, any organization that has too many volunteers doesn’t actually have a problem per se. It’s more a refocus of energy, because really, who doesn’t love spending time with adorable cats? So, if Tree House doesn’t need someone on a Saturday afternoon, exactly how can you... Read more »

Meet: Tree House Humane Society

Meet: Tree House Humane Society
The measure of a society can be how well its people treat its weakest members. – Gandhi For more than 40 years Tree House has been caring exclusively for sick, injured and abused stray cats – cats that often had no other chance at a good life – but despite our best efforts and those... Read more »
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