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A Favorite "Childhood" Memory

A Favorite "Childhood" Memory
My first attempt at the ChicagoNow monthly Blogapalooz-Hour, during which bloggers are given a topic, write on said topic, and post their responses within in an hour. This month’s topic is to discuss a favorite childhood memory.  For the first 9 years of my life, I was an only child. My parents and I lived in... Read more »

Anonymous Threatens to Release Sex Tape of Iggy Azalea

This morning, I was reading AOL for the hard-hitting news when I stumbled upon a surprising article:   I was totally floored. For Anonymous to target an individual there must be something serious going on. But before I can get into Anonymous, I have to put their position in context. It begins with a Twitter... Read more »

NO MORE PSA: "Speechless" :30 - Hilary Swank

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I have a love/disappointment relationship with celebrity activism. Mostly because while the celebrities are dressing up and attending galas the people who are actually doing the work are forgotten. I know many volunteers out there doing amazing work who deserve to be recognized, but do it quietly and often in dangerous circumstances. So, I get a... Read more »

What Rape Culture?

I was checking Twitter today when I observed the following exchange between the manager of the ChicagoNow community and another Twitter user in response to Judd Apatow’s tweet: I’m not going to deconstruct the entire exchange — though I am in total agreement with Jimmy — but I thought that there was an interesting dynamic... Read more »

Why I Stand With "Jackie": On Rolling Stone and UVA

I’ve been reading everything that I can get my hands on in regards to the Rolling Stone article about UVA. I was aware of the allegations of discrepancies beforehand (I have yet to see an outright claim that “Jackie”‘s narrative was fabricated) but I wanted to read the article for myself. Frankly, I am not... Read more »

School Chaperones and Cell Phones: My Friday at the Museum

School Chaperones and Cell Phones: My Friday at the Museum
I went to the museum with my nephews on Friday. We went to the Museum of Science and Industry because it was their mom’s birthday so she got to pick. So there were 4 adults (Mom, Auntie Shanna, Jr. Aunt Brenna, and me) and 2 crazy monkeys. When we arrived, we noticed that the garage seemed empty,... Read more »

What I learned from Shia LaBeouf

I’m part of a large community of survivors. One that seems statistically impossible given the “1 in 4” and/or “1 in 5” statistics. Since the allegations against Bill Cosby and Jian Ghomeshi have hit the headlines, in some cases again, there has been a lot of conversation amongst my friends. We’ve discussed our own experiences and what... Read more »