Taking a Break from Facebook

I know that I am supposed to be writing about volunteering in Chicago, well that was my intention when I started this blog... but then I started thinking, says who? I realize that my (boring) name says "social advocacy"... but social advocacy can mean so many things. Like awareness, consciousness, relationships... Does it really matter?

So, today I'm focusing on raising my consciousness.

I read an article on elephantjournal.com  called "Why I Had to Quit Facebook." (Click the link to read it yourself.) It got my drowned-in-other-people's-drama brain sluggishly trying to envision a life without the FB. It was in that moment that I realized - not only was I in the midst of an "argument" with someone that I didn't know, on a FB page that I never went on (I was only there because a friend "shared" a picture from it). But also, my FB tirade was happening on my laptop, which was resting on books and notes that I was supposed to be using to write a paper, that just happens to be due Thursday.

If this is my desk can you imagine what the inside of my head looks like?

If this is my desk can you imagine what                                the inside of my head looks like?

Cue the screeching tires! WHAT THE HELL?????

So, I thought... would it kill me to take a break?

Brain answers: duh, yup.

What if I started by giving myself a time limit? Only 30 minutes of FB a day.

Brain answers: Wah? Why? But looking at pictures of more attractive, slimmer people makes us feel so bad about ourself... and we love that feeling of feeling bad.

Less time on FB would lessen my opportunities to troll pages, argue with people, get caught up in other people's drama, look at shit I can't afford, read crap that makes me upset... It's not exactly a BAD thing.

I'd like to mention, as an aside, this dude that had me in a knot was a total nut. He was spewing hate and twisting logic for his own purpose. For instance, he claimed that a scientific study from 1992 clearly states that 36% of pedophiles are also HOMOSEXUALS!! This OBVIOUSLY signaled the death of the Boy Scouts at the hands of rainbow-crazed child molesters. WTF?

Them's be the rules.

Them's be the rules.

(Ok, so that explanation didn't make me sound any more sane. If anything, explaining how bizzaro ol' dude was makes me sound more nuts.)

Yet, it's the reality of the situation, being a volunteer, getting down in the dirty, seedy underbelly of Chicago, working with people that have been horribly mistreated gives me less patience and tolerance for hate-filled people who have nothing to offer but their own twisted rhetoric. So, there it is. I'm winding it down and spending more time in the real world.

P.S. In other news, this will be auto-posted to my CSA FB page. What sweet, sweet irony....

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