Day 2 of the Pseudo "Facebook Strike"

It's day 2 (I think). I have a final tomorrow and while I should be studying, I decided that I'm  going to take a brain-break.

After my initial anti-FB post, I received a text from a dear friend who had read my piece (She subscribes via email! Which is such a great idea!) and offered some encouraging words for those attempting to kick the virtual habit. (Thanks, Lauren. A great friend and fellow volunteer, who has been FB-free for years.) The spam was also decidedly more encouraging... but that could just be me.

So, why not update my progress, I'm thinking I could start a FBA support group.

HI! My name is Michelle, and I'm a Facebook addict.



(All together: Hi, Michelle.)

Well, I've made it through the first 24 hours and so far withdrawal hasn't been terrible. No shakes, sweats, or tyrannical outbursts like a Candy Crush Saga fiend stuck on THE ONLY LEVEL OF CANDY CRUSH SAGA EVER. (I don't get angry or frustrated with CCS because I simply will myself to believe that whatever level I'm stuck on is the only level there is... I'll kick the CSS habit later, I can only handle one addiction at a time, only one.)

I haven't been able to stick to only using the FB between 7 and 7:30 pm but I have stuck to the half-hour-only rule. It's been easier than I would've expected... in and out, or so they say. Yesterday it was easy to log in and ignore the garbage that gets posted, today was another story.

It can be difficult to keep one's opinions to oneself when one should. However, for the sake of peace and harmony one should work REALLY hard. Today I saw a post that got me bugged. There should be a pop-up when you post on FB that asks: are you sure you want to post this? Really sure? Really, really, really sure? Maybe with a gif of the Zuckster shaking his head. Anyhoo, it reminded me why I decided to slap on the internets patch and get off the ride.

How cute are these darn chickens? Though I'm not sure why the coop is "steaming," someone should really do something about that.

How cute are these darn chickens? Though I'm not sure why the coop is "steaming," someone should really do something about that.

The benefit of being limited on the amount of time that I am willing to spend on FB is that I didn't have the time to get dragged into the drama. I had to move on, check my events, look at the ChicagoNow page, check my adorable chickens on my virtual farm (My sister tells me that my farm is not me actually spending time outdoors and that I must leave the apartment occasionally... She's crazy, have you seen how cute these little animals are?). The point (there is one, I promise) is that with the limited amount of time available, I had to make better choices. That's all it was, an excess of a not-so-great thing.

I'm sticking to my guns and I'm getting there. Imagine all the yoga I could be doing instead of trolling, maybe I can get some real chickens...

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