Why We Do This:

You know when you have one of those mornings where you simply can't seem to get going? I'm having one of those. Settling into my new routine has been cramping my usual style of reading everything I can get my hands on. So, this morning as I woke and prepared to write my blog about Alderman Pawar & the 47th district, I found myself reading this blog: http://www.chicagonow.com/mary-tyler-mom/

I've been reading her blog for about three hours and I think I'm going to read it for another three. Her story of her battle against her daughter's cancer reminded me of watching a good friend pass away from leukemia when we were 14 years old. Sadder still, I just was informed of another child close to our family who is four and was just diagnosed with leukemia.

My heart is rent for these families and these children, so full of promise, with so much future ahead of them. I can't think of anything more important than this, these families and their pain right now. Except to say that when we reach out, when we make a meal, share a walk or just listen we are living our full purpose, which I believe is to be of service to our fellows in humanity.

I ask that you excuse my lack of a volunteer blog for today, I'd really like to finish this amazing story. Maybe you can read it, too...

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