Cue that "Getting to Know You" song...

Forget the "about" page, pull up a chair and grab a glass of vino/tea/coffee/water/whatever-you-please and let's get to know each other.

Let's be honest (heads-up on this one, I really love to shine a light on the truth), there is some Grade-A %$!&  going down in the world and it all boils over into the melting pot that is our great city. This microcosm of the globe is representative of the struggles erupting all over the world.

Yet, it is where we come to eat, drink and be merry. Well, some of us... there are those that definitely don't have such fanciful options. This isn't a bummer- ruin your day kind of thing. It's about what we miss when we're strolling down the street in our Italian loafers/Manolo Blahniks on our way to have martinis with friends.

There we go, strolling past people clearly in need/people that look great but are still in need. We sit with our friends never realizing that they might be more in need than we ever could imagine, or we can imagine, because they tell us/show us/we see it when we aren't supposed to.

Where do these people turn for help? How do we help them? That's what we're all about here. Connecting those in need with those who can help and connecting those who can help with those in need. It's an important relationship and we do it with style and flair. Mixing humor with the truth, we'll open your eyes to the parts of our glorious city that fade behind the lights and fashion.

There's more to the story, not every one has the time to donate but can help in other ways, some don't have the money but have the time. The point is that we can show you how to help in any way that you're comfortable with.

It's easier than you think.



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