NPR's Fresh Air Drops the Ball on Domestic Violence

I love listening to NPR, it’s on almost all day in my kitchen and I usually have it turned up to max volume so I can continue listening from where ever I am in my apartment. In addition to their intelligent, thoughtful programing, I find that their ideological platform aligns with my own and I... Read more »

Dear Brentan: No one "asks for it."

Dear Brentan: No one "asks for it."
I read a post today by a young woman who was looking at her sexual assault from a decidedly spiritual angle. An interesting piece that I encourage you to read here. It was the title, ” ‘I Was Asking for It’: Another Way to Look at Rape,” that really pulled me in, I am always interested... Read more »

Suicide Prevention Week

Suicide Prevention Week
As I scroll through the 140 character sharings on Twitter tonight, I am sad to see the stories of people that have lost loved ones due to the horrific effects of depression, addiction, anxiety… (the list goes on and on) and suicide. Its truly sad how many people have lost loved ones and are left... Read more »

For Peter

I’ve been to three funerals this year. Sadly, only one was for a man who was buried by his wife, children, grand-children, and great grand-children, a man who had lived a long life; who had seen generations of his family grow and marry, had seen more generations born. Another was for a man who was killed... Read more »

Volunteer from the Couch!

I received an email from today. It was a simple request, to write to my lawmakers and ask them to support President Obama’s request to allocate funds to help eradicate the hundreds of thousands of untested rape kits that are languishing in storage facilities all over the country. Why is this important?  The process of... Read more »

Dear Serena Williams, Shut up

On June 18th Sports Illustrated’s “SI Wire” featured a lovely little piece about tennis player Serena Williams. Now, I’m not one to give sports players much credence when they start flapping their jaws but this one really got me going. Just because you have a platform doesn’t mean that you deserve to use it, as was evidenced... Read more »

Stray Cat Strut, June 22nd!

Stray Cat Strut, June 22nd!
Hey all you cat lovers out there! How about doing a little somethin’, somethin’ for a wonderful cause? Summer is here (wrapped in the disguise of early spring) and it’s time for some outdoor fun and volunteer opportunities. June 22nd, Tree House Humane Society will be hosting their 8th annual Stray Cat Strut, a 5k... Read more »

Remembering to Breathe

On April 17th I was still reeling from the Boston Marathon bombings, I wasn’t thinking about what was going to happen next. I abhor violence, on television, in the movies. (Tell this to my Walking Dead addiction.) So, when I heard about the explosion in West, Texas I was saddened, but I wasn’t aware of... Read more »

Protecting Our Kids

I came across an interesting blog the other day. As a volunteer for an agency that works with survivors of sexual assault, we have, on occasion, had the unfortunate responsibility to work with children. This is not to make it sound as though we don’t want to, we just really wish we didn’t have to.... Read more »

Day 2 of the Pseudo "Facebook Strike"

It’s day 2 (I think). I have a final tomorrow and while I should be studying, I decided that I’m  going to take a brain-break. After my initial anti-FB post, I received a text from a dear friend who had read my piece (She subscribes via email! Which is such a great idea!) and offered... Read more »
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