First of all, welcome to the Chicago Sideline Report.  I'm excited to be a part of the Chicago Now network, and look forward to watching, reading, listening to, talking about, and writing about Chicago sports.

I think we can all agree that Chicago is pretty much the greatest city ever founded.  No disrespect to New York, Los Angeles or Vatican City (which is really its own country), but us Chicagoans are just downright awesome.  It doesn't matter if you root for the Cubs or Sox (I'm a North Side guy myself), we're all sports fans and we all have our reasons for standing behind our teams.

I'm hoping that you find this blog interesting enough that you don't want to pull your eyes out of their sockets, and I hope that you'll interact with me.  Tell me why I'm so horribly wrong (or right) about why the Bears are going 16-0 en route to another Super Bowl victory!

Thanks for reading!