No Tiger? No Matter.

No Tiger? No Matter.
Tiger Woods' back could keep him from going for a fifth Green Jacket. Photo: USA Today

Tiger Woods may go down as the greatest golfer who ever lived.  Some may say he already is.  There's a possibility that he may miss this year's Masters with a back injury.  The question is...would you watch the Masters if Tiger isn't involved?

Last year, Tiger was in the hunt and playing well on Friday before an approach shot squarely nailed the flag stick and rebounded into the water.  His drop on the next shot was the one that created all the controversy that nearly saw him disqualified.

Five years ago, no Tiger would have basically rendered the Masters unwatchable.  These days, quite the opposite is true.  With Tiger being average at best (he hasn't won a major since 2008) and often injured, it's allowed golf to be as crazy as the NCAA Tournament. Since 2009, each of the four majors had a different champion, and only Rory and Phil have won more than one championship.  Names like Keegan Bradley, Matt Kuchar, Bubba Watson, and Justin Rose have risen to the forefront, while Tiger has been slowly fading into the background.

Full disclosure, I root hard for Tiger.  When he's on, there's obviously nobody better.  But a Tiger-less Masters won't stop me from watching.  That may not have been the case five years ago, but in my opinion, golf has come a long way.

Snow at Augusta, though, would keep me and lots of others from watching though.  Let's hope that mother nature leaves the course alone.  Doesn't look like the weather will be an issue though.

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