Brandon Marshall, Charles Tillman are All-Pro's

Brandon Marshall, Charles Tillman are All-Pro's
Brandon Marshall was certainly happy with his numbers this season.

Congratulations to Bears' receiver Brandon Marshall and cornerback Charles "Peanut" Tillman for being named to Pro Football Weekly's All-Pro team.

Brandon Marshall racked up more than 1500 receiving yards in his first season being reunited with Jay Cutler.  It's his sixth straight 1000 yard season in his seven NFL seasons.  He also caught 118 balls in 2012, which is a career high.  The 11 touchdowns he scored was yet another career high.  A big reason for the big numbers is that Cutler really didn't have many weapons other than Brandon Marshall.  Part of that was the injury troubles for both Earl Bennett and Alshon Jeffery.  Also, the tight end situation, to state the obvious, sorely needs to be addressed.

But like his counterpart on the All-Pro team Calvin Johnson, Marshall's productivity despite being the focus of defenses across the league, speaks to how good of a season he had.  As the Bears' receivers get healthy, I think Marshall's productivity will at least stay the same, if not increase.  We'll see how the new head coach and offensive coordinator plan to take advantage of the offensive situation.  The combination of Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, and even Alshon Jeffery have to make the Bears job the most attractive of the remaining openings.

All Charles Tillman did was force ten fumbles, intercept three passes and return all of those for touchdowns.  He now has 38 forced fumbles in his career, which is tied for third all time among active players.  His nine defensive touchdowns have him tied for third all time among active players.  His "Tillman Punch" is something he should trademark as other players emulate his tactics.

Some years, it seems as though Tillman is widely unsuccessful with his punch.  This year, though, he connected with seemingly every ball punch he threw.  Is it luck?  Maybe, but his continued success with it makes you believe that it's something he practices, and it's a skill that he's become very good at.

Call me crazy, but is Charles Tillman a Hall of Famer?


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