What's Up With The White Sox?

What's Up With The White Sox?
It's not exactly all good right now for the White Sox.

Last night the Tigers won and the White Sox lost, meaning the two teams are now tied atop the AL Central.  What happened to the White Sox?

On September 1st, they had a one game lead over the Tigers.  By September 10th, the lead was three games and the Tigers had lost four straight.  Five days later, the lead was back down to one game as Detroit won four in a row.  Two days after that, on September 17th, the lead was back to three after Detroit lost a couple in a row.  Since then the lead has never been bigger than two games, and the Tigers finally tied it last night.

And now, as I write this post, the Tigers are technically a half game ahead of the Sox, and depending on the White Sox outcome, could have the outright lead in the division by the end of the night.

The offense has not been great lately.  They've lost six of their last seven, and during that time they've averaged 2.2 runs per game and they've left 43 men on base.  Conversely, during their five game winning streak that preceded this downward spiral, they averaged 5.6 runs per game, and never scored fewer than three.

It's a simple game.  You throw the ball, you hit the ball, you catch the ball.

Obviously it's not that simple, and the pressure of a pennant race for both these teams must be great.  It's the division title or bust for both these teams, as the two Wild Card spots are well out of reach.  The Sox need to start hitting the ball if they've got any postseason aspirations.

That's because Detroit has Miguel Cabrera and he's in pursuit of this little thing known as the Triple Crown.

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