Love Him Or Hate Him, He's Our Quarterback

Love Him Or Hate Him, He's Our Quarterback
Jay Cutler is who he is. Get used to it.

Jay Cutler made news on Thursday night against the Packers.  He makes news almost every time he takes the field.  It's not always good news, though, and this news was not good news.

In the midst of being sacked seven times by the Packers' defense, he got visibly upset with J'Marcus Webb, yelled at him and bumped or pushed or whatevered him.  It's led to a lot of criticism of Cutler, most of it fair.

The fact is, Jay Cutler is the best quarterback we've seen in Chicago since they invented the oblong-shaped ball and decided to tackle each other.  As the title suggests, this won't change in the near future, so we had better get used to Jay Cutler and who he is.

I've gone back and forth with whether or not he should have pushed Webb on the field or even yelled at him publicly.  The canned answer would be "No, he should never call out his teammates for all the world to see, that's not being a good teammate."  There's certainly a lot of truth to that statement, and it's completely valid.  I think Jay would agree with you if you said that to him.

The problem is, Jay is not that kind of guy.  He's not going to be Tom Brady or Peyton Manning or Drew Brees when it comes to leadership.  He's the kind of guy who's going to wear his heart on his sleeve because he cares about what happens out on the field.  If he's getting his ass kicked, he's going to let someone know about it.

I have no problem with the way he handled himself on Thursday night.  There's no reason for Jay to sit idly by while his left tackle continues to be completely inept at football.  The fact that there is nobody better than Webb who can play left tackle says all we need to know about the Bears' depth at offensive line.  Jay has publicly backed his offensive line at times, but he also has been unafraid to tell it like it is, which we don't get enough of from our professional athletes.

Bears fans, pray that Phil Emery addresses the offensive line ASAP.  Emphasis on ASAP.  Jay's contract runs through 2013, and the fact that he hasn't been extended already makes me think he's hesitant to sign a contract that is nearly guaranteed to get him killed.  If he goes elsewhere because of the Bears' lack of fixing the line, we're back to square one.

And that's a place we're all too familiar with.

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