It's As If They Never Happened

It's As If They Never Happened
Would you believe me if I told you that Olympic competition was once held here?

I was browsing the internet this afternoon and came across a disturbing photo gallery courtesy of Yahoo Sports.  It has nothing to do with gruesome injuries or anything like that, but rather deserted places that once held elite competition and celebration.

The images in the gallery are of Olympic sites in Beijing in 2008, and again in 2012.  It appears that only the Bird's Nest (Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Track and Field) and the Water Cube (Swimming and Diving, duh) remain open and functional.  Other sites have been abandoned or neglected.

To me, the Olympic Games should be a point of pride for your city and country.  They should be remembered by everyone and should be preserved for generations to come.  The scenes in Beijing are sad and disheartening.

If you, as a city, can't find a good use for Olympic competition sites, don't leave them to rot.  At least turn the site into a nice park that incorporates what once happened there.  Letting these sites deteriorate is disrespectful to the athletes who competed there and to the Olympic spirit.

It's as if the Games never happened.


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