Shocking Report: Joel Quenneville to Remain Blackhawks' Head Coach

Shocking Report: Joel Quenneville to Remain Blackhawks' Head Coach
Joel Quenneville and his mustache aren't going anywhere, especially Montreal.

Seriously, people?  Do we really need a report that says Joel Quenneville will not be leaving to coach the Montreal Canadiens?

I know the Hawks weren't great this year, and there were rumblings of a change at the top during their nine game losing streak earlier this season, but come on.  He's still the guy who won the Stanley Cup two years ago, doesn't he deserve more of a chance here?

Yes, there may be underlying factors in the rumors of his move to Montreal.  He didn't like the Hawks bringing someone in to "help" get the power play on track.  Who wouldn't be upset about the team going over their head to try to improve things.  Doesn't that show a lack of faith?

The fact remains, though, he's still a good coach, and he's earned the right to at least one more season behind the bench.  Don't take that last statement as me saying he should be gone, either.  I like Quenneville, and for the most part, I like his style.  I think he coaches a style that fits his talent.

Here's hoping that all this nonsense stops and we can move on.  Stan Bowman has a lot of work to do, and he doesn't need to be answering questions about his head coach who is going nowhere.

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