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You play rugby? You must be crazy! I say, you run a marathon? You must be INSANE!

So when people hear that you play rugby the thing that you’re crazy. It’s such a brutal sport and how can you not be scared to be tackled with no equipment are common questions you’ve either asked or heard. As talked about in other articles being rugby fit is a total dedication and training experience,... Read more »

Pam Kosanke, top female player in the nation!

So with the 2012 season quickly approaching and sizing up the game locally and internationally, it’s great to know that a Chicago rugger was name Rugby Magazine’s Women’s Rugby Play of the Year for 2011. I was able to talk to Pam Kosanke who was honored with the title who said it took her by... Read more »

What does it mean to be "RUGBY FIT"

So it has been a good month since most players have been on a pitch, and Whiskey 10s is just a short 79 days away! So what have you been doing in you free time? As rugby is a game of endurance and strength it truly means that if you don’t loose it you’ll loose... Read more »