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What the NFL can learn from Jarryd Hayne

In week one, Jarryd Hayne is already making a name for himself in the NFL. Only over a month ago, he had never even touched an American football, and in preseason and his first real game he has shown what a tremendous athlete he is. So what is the take away from his first few... Read more »

Why JJ Watt's sack isn't a big deal

All over newspapers,  is the fact that JJ Watt, a professional football player, was able to make a tackle even with out a helmet on. People are amazed that he’s still good at football even with out a helmet to protect him. I am sorry but when you have a $100-million contract, you better be... Read more »

Tackling once a week will make kids WORSE and less safe

This is NOT how kids should be tackeling
Concussions are a major worry for every athlete. From gymnasts to cheerleaders and baseball players to football and rugby. Instead of limiting tackling to once a week, what football should work on, is teaching and enforcing propper tackling technique.  Yes I know every parent cares about the safety of their children, and I know that... Read more »

From World Cup to NFL

The New York Jets have been building up their team with adding on Tim Tebow and now they have recruited Hayden Smith, international rugby player, who could be the teams next great tight end. This isn’t the Jet’s first rugby-football exchange Leonard Peters, played safety for the New York Jets and Chicago Bears before turning to... Read more »