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Friendships are what keep us going

So everyday we learn something new. I learn everyday that once you have been fully submerged in the world of rugby you will never get out nor will you go a few days without learning something new about someone you met at a game, something about the game, or realizing how awesome the sport has... Read more »

Rugby Families Help Each Other Out

┬áIt was not that long ago that I lost my sister to her battle with breast cancer. My closest rugby friend have moved far and wide, but when I was in need they were there for me. One flew in from California, others came to the hospital or checked in every day that my sister... Read more »

Rugby Turkey Bowls, start a new tradition

Before Christmas fully takes over the nation we should all pause and take a moment to remember the things we are grateful for. First, I am thankful that rugby is back in the Olympics and has the entire nation developing youth leagues so we can compete in the games. I am also thankful for how... Read more »