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Eagles move to sixth in Series standings with Bowl win in Tokyo

VIA USA RUGBY TOKYO – The Men’s Eagles Sevens climbed to sixth in the 2014-15 World Rugby HSBC Sevens World Series standings by capturing the Tokyo Sevens Bowl with a defeat of Australia Sunday. Mike Friday’s team gained eight points from Prince Chichibu Memorial Ground to move within 20 points of fifth place after seven of nine Series legs. England won the Cup at... Read more »

Vegas 7s Saturday Schedule

Saturday 2/14 8:00am – 12:00pm Las Vegas Invitational amateur competition at Star Nursery fields and Silver Bowl fields, both located adjacent to Sam Boyd Stadium and Heritage Park 10:00am Gates Open at Sam Boyd Stadium 11:00am – 7:30pm Pool Round 3 and Quarterfinals in mens competition, LVI Matches Following Competition Official Night Club – Chateau... Read more »

Holidays I'd like to see

Try a New Religion Day  <p>No, not like the band New Religion. Like if you're Catholic, go to a Jewish ceremony. Jewish hope over to the Baptist Church. Mormons, meet someone from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Atheist,  why don't Muslims eat what you eat? Hindu meet someone who is New Age and pick their brain. If we understood each other's ideals more, it's make the world an easier place to live in. This could even be a college course...they could call it, World Religions or something!
With Rugby Christmas over, Ugly Christmas sweater Parties right around the corner, and me currently on day two of cooking/baking for Thanksgiving, there are a few holidays I’d really like to see.  

USA v All Blacks, weekend to remember

So, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that at the half, I was done because the All Blacks were scoring faster than I could type. The weekend itself however, was AMAZING! After Friday’s mini snow/hail down fall, I was definitely nervous about how Saturday would go. The amount of people and the energy... Read more »

My Perfect Day

So, my dream day is coming up soon. Getting to see the New Zealand Al Black play is just days away. Being able to afford great seats at Solider Field and see an elite game in my home town, along with 62,000 other of my closest rugby friends and co-fans. IF I could choose how... Read more »

All Blacks Week Youth Rugby

So this is the week we have all be psyched up about for months. Friends are flying into town, finalizing what to wear to Saturday’s big game, and trying to fit a bit of Halloween into it all. One group that is already finding the benefits of rugby is Chicago area youth! This past Saturday,... Read more »

USA v All Blacks is officially SOLD OUT!

  BOULDER, Colo. – The USA Eagles’ historic match against the New Zealand All Blacks at Soldier Field, sponsored by AIG, is officially sold out, USA Rugby announced Friday. Tickets for the Nov. 1 match at the 61,500-seat home of the National Football League’s Chicago Bears were first released to registered fans June 13 through... Read more »

It's Official, Premiership Eagles will be at USA v All Blacks

Earlier in the week, it was a lot of hearsay about USA Rugby’s CEO getting the top Eagles back for the USA v All Blacks game, and who was mad, and why it is wrong. The official info is now out, and how it is fully ok-ed.   VIA USA Rugby BOULDER, Colo. – USA... Read more »

USA v ALL BLACKS, Game Day Details

USA Rugby has released game day details to make planning your Halloween weekend a bit easier. It’s only TWO WEEKS AWAY! Friday the Chicago Griffins will be playing Arkansas State at noon, The CARFU Masquerade Ball ends after midnight, but you will want to make sure you rest up for the big day! You can... Read more »

Screams with your Teams!

The 13th Floor is in Melrose Park, promises enough blood, gore, and darkness to keep you up at night and wondering what the heck was that.
The 13th Floor is a chain of haunted houses all across the nation, which means they have to be doing something right to have expanded and keep coming back.  There are two houses that you get into for $25, $35 with a VIP Pass for a shorter line/quicker entry into the houses. Although, as it gets closer to Halloween, Saturday prices go up by $5.  Once mid-October hits, they're open Wednesday-Sunday which means you could go after practice one day, post game, or on a Sunday Funday.
I have yet to check out this attraction, but it will be on my list for this year.
HALLOWEEN TIME!!! It is my favorite time of year. Always has been, and i really hope it always will be. In college, my teammates and I would always take a trip to a haunted house, just out side of our little college town. It was fun to see which girls got scared, which didn’t, and... Read more »