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Playing a sport in college can be a tough battle. Not every football player will get a spot on the team, nor baseball, spftball, volleyball, and even track runner. So this coming weekend athletes of all types are encouraged to come out the the The College Rugby Recruiting Combine. High School rugby players, both boys... Read more »

As a thrifty shopper I will not be made a fool of!

I am a very thrifty shopper. I only buy my rugby balls when World Rugby Shop has their annual $7.99 sale. I wait until my 15/80 or Give Blood, Play Rugby sweat pants are at their lowest price from Rugby Imports. And when it comes to my yoga pants, groceries, or anything else I always... Read more »

Ruck the VOTE!

“Ruck” is a multitude or a throng. As playoff season is coming to a close and rugby season is winding down the last thing on your mind is probably how you’re vote today will impact your playing and the USA Rugby organizations goals for the 2016 Olympics.  Many people in the Chicago area feel that... Read more »

Rugby helping young athletes pay for college

I was reading through the NFL’s Combine results the other day and started think about recruitiment in general. I work with teens and children and am always looking for ways to make them better athletes and also encourage them to do well and go as far as they can in school. Most kids where I... Read more »