Kick off USA V AUS wee with a rugby viewing party

usa v harl

USA Rugby Trust is putting on viewing parties through out the country for the USA v Harlequins game this Sunday, that is being played in Philly. There are viewing parties in New York, and Chicago. This Sunday from 12:30-2pm, you can get a $40 wrist band package that includes drinks and light appetizers, and the monies go to help USA Rugby continue to grow. The event is a Barn & Company, 950 W. Wrightwood Ave.

Barn & Company is a pretty nice spot, one of the "Top 10" bars in Chicago, and has great food and is a really fun environment. This is also a great way to get into shape for the very busy week that will lead into the Eagles  coming to Chicago on their warm up tour for the 2015 Rugby World Cup! The game will be played one ESPN 3, and who actually has ESPN 3 to watch it at home? So you're best bet is to get out to a bar, and hang out with a bunch of other fans and have a great Sunday afternoon! It's also a great way to network as well with the Young Professionals Advisory Board for USA Rugby.

You should reserve before the event, for a $5 discount, tickets can be purchased, here.

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