NBC Continues to Ignore Her Rugby Counts petition

With almost 5,000 signatures, the #HerRugbyCounts petition is growing and complaints from the College Rugby Championship are continuing to grow.

Rebecca Carlson, NCAA D-I Coach at Quinnipiac University, and who started the petition posted

As we head toward 5000 signatures, we wanted to let you know that more alarming information from the CRC players, parents and friends have been revealed to us. We have received a response from Penn Mutual and CRC's but nothing from NBC yet.

One rugby dad tweeted, that he wishes his daughter could just "have some heroes who look like her".


Why do young women not have role models who do more than parent to look up to? The female role models are so out of wack in the media from female police who only wear high heels, to reality TV star who have no actual skills aside from looking nice in outfits and lots of make-up.

_83479724_usasevens_pageGeorgia Page, from Lindenwood University, a  player who broke her nose and stayed in the match, is being made into a  "hottie" on the field instead of the strong athlete she is which should be looked at first. She got her nose broken and played for two more tackles before stepping out. Too far and between are the praising tweets she's received like

Hey ESPN while you’re just giving out awards these days, can you hook Georgia Page up with one


so every football player has just been put to shame by a young female rugby player

And still the women's games get no coverage, no locker room rights, they were promised that they should sell tickets for this great opportunity, that was one sided. Every male and female rugby player and parent of a player, and every woman should be signing this petition and saying this is NOT OK!

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