NFL, please stop using rugby terms you don't know

I am so excited to be hearing rugby mentioned more on mainstream sports broadcasting. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world, and this exposure to the sport is AMAZING for the growth of it in the USA.


Yes here comes my complaints, as well as most rugby players and writers in social media... EVERY THING IS NOT A SCRUM. In fact every start of play in America football is the thing that closest resembles a scrum, since it's a way to start play.

Big pile of tackled players? NOT A SCRUM

Large group of players fighting for the ball, close, but NOT A SCRUM

Moving the ball in a mess of people trying to maintain possession and gain yards, NOT A SCRUM

Stepping over your tackled player to protect them and the ball, yeah guess what, still NOT A SCRUM

America is very ignorant of sports they don't see day to day, but that doesn't mean you can't take the hour it takes to brush up on your knowledge.

scrumA scrum is

 A contest for the ball involving eight players who bind together and push against the other team’s assembled eight for possession of the ball. Scrums restart play after certain minor infractions - Rugby for Dummies




A maul is:

Occurs when a player carrying the ball is held by one or more opponents, and one or more of the ball-carrier’s teammates bind on the ball-carrier. All the players involved are on their feet and moving toward a goal line. Open play has ended. - Rugby for Dummies

A ruck is

One or more players from each team, who are on their feet and in contact, close around the ball on the ground. Once a ruck has been formed, players can’t use their hands to get the ball, only their feet. - Rugby for Dummies

ruck-barro-2   So hopefully the next time, when you say scrum all season long, you'll say it only if it actually resembles the scrum, you know like how the start of play in Football, is an non-engaged scrum.

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