Hard choices, sometime made for us

I stopped playing rugby, when I was almost 26. It was in fact one of the hardest things I've ever done. When I hung up my boots, I first of all did know it was going to be the end of my playing days. I had torn my ACL,  I needed surgery, my insurance sucked and I was almost kicked off my parents insurance at the time. My surgeon told me that I would be back on the field in just a few months, tops, and then, once they started operating they realized that they also need to repair my MCL and meniscus. My quick recovery, became a long recovery. Since my insurance wasn't that great,  got cut off  just a few weeks into physical therapy.


I missed playing, I tried to go to as many game as possible to see my friends and teammates. tuition and medical bills piling up, I had to work more and go out less. My sister also had cancer and I was helping take care of her. When you've only been with a team for a few years, and a women's club that goes through a decent amount of turn around or that's in transition, you quickly are made to feel like a woman with put a nation.

There isn't a day I don't wish I could still play. I finally have insurance again after about 5 years, however I work late nights and would never be able to make practices. So, how can you still enjoy and be a part of what you love? For me, I teach kids at my park, I write this blog, and I try to help out with iYRA or Wapiti when ever I can. I, of course will be at the USA vs All Blacks game, and I try to make different teams games and fundraisers when I can. It's not the same as playing. It doesn't even come close. The worst part of course being to stop playing was not a full choice but one my body made for me.

Enjoy every game and practice you get. I miss the hits. I miss comparing bruises with my friends. I miss the sister and brotherhood a team that you play with brings. PLAY TILL YOU CAN"T PLAY ANYMORE

Men’s Eagle Shawn Pittman has announced his retirement from the game of rugby yesterday. He is 26,  Pittman has represented the United States on the international rugby stage for the better part of nine years, including the AIG Men’s Junior All-Americans in the 2007 and 2008 IRB Junior World Championships, and leaves with 30 caps as a Prop. My rugby career, not quite as prestigious. He has decided to start coaching the Severi Rugby, but I know he will miss the playing aspect, as much as I do every day.


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  • I'm pretty sure everyone who plays rugby feels the same way! My husband hasn't played in 15 years and still misses it. In fact, he named our new puppy rugby :)

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