XoXo Summertime in the city!

Dearest City of Chicago,

I know we have a long time on again off again relationship. I just needed to let you know that deep down, I really do love you. I have put up with the cold of the winters, and apparently the current monsoon season. I deal with the city sticker renewal lines. The crappy traffic when the weather slightly changes. The smell of urine on the red line, green line, and the blue line. It's now however our season of love, which does blossom in the spring, it smolders in the summer.

starved-rock-canyon-tom-biegalskiI love how my garden in blossoming with spinach, and cucumbers, and tomatoes. I love that there is rugby sevens through out the summer. That Lakefront 7s, and Summer Fest are just a short drive away. I can go to the Dunes on a Saturday, Lake Geneva for a long weekend, or Great America on a Sunday. Forrest preserves down Archer Rd, camping at Big Foot Beach, or a bike trip to Starved Rock.  Fishing in the local ponds, lagoons, and smelt nights. Street fests are everywhere I turn, from Greek Fest to Italian Fest, Church Carnivals to Block Parties and garage sales. The concerts are bountiful, back yard drinking economical, and free movies and events in the park needing just your blanket from home.

summer elotes chicarones and raspado

Paletas, raspados, and elotes are back, filling my craving I've had for the past 8 months. The smell of people BBQing on their patios. The sounds of motorcycles. The bars belong to us Chicagoans again, as college kids have packed up and left our fine streets. Dive bars, and patios have their bag sets out, and the neighborhoods co

I know I say I am going to leave you, but for some reason I keep coming back. Perhaps it's because unlike New York, we actually have grass. Maybe it's the fact that unlike L.A. we have 24 hour public transportation, that gets you to and from everywhere safely. Perhaps it's just that the south side truly has my heart, and some of the best lake front views of the city. Or maybe it's because there's still a bit of hockey, plenty of baseball, soccer games and the beginnings of football season. Whatever the reasons, I love you Chicago, all year long.... but most of all in the summer.me to life with kids giggling on the street and people sitting on their porch. 16" softball is filling the parks, volleyball leagues taking over North Avenue, Full Moon Jams lighting up the lake front, along with weekly firework displays.

I love you



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  • You really captured the highlights of summer in Chicago. It's easy to love it this time of year!

  • Thank you for making me miss Chicago more - I didn't know that was possible.

    Chicago really is a special city... I'm now looking at flight prices to come back for a weekend.

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