Sochi's secret sabotage

Well as the Olympics are now in full swing, and daily reports of conditions are filling the internet, I cannot help but think maybe this was all planned. I am someone who enjoys a good conspiracy theory, and I now have one of my own.

As games began, before opening ceremonies, I couldn't help but notice how well Russia was performing. Like any athlete knows, a goods nights sleep and not having to travel, can make a huge difference. Now I am wondering how well are their home athletes sleeping compared to the visitors. One year at Nash Bash, after the Saturday games, my team and I partied with another club, who our men's team was playing in the Sunday games. This was totally coincidental, but we were accused of tricking them to stay up all night so that they would loose.

With hotels that do not have clean water, electrical wires exposed, doors that will not lock, or doors that make you get trapped in your bathroom (Johnny Quinn), I wonder where Russia's athletes are sleeping. Do some of them have nice vacation homes in Sochi? Are they in the one hotel/ B & B that is in good shape? It's already the biggest games of your life, add in stray dogs being killed, terrorist threats, and no privacy in your room or ability to properly shower or work out in your hotel, I wouldn't be surprised if it was all masterminded.  SABOTAGE


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