BuzzFeed's "Rugby is the Greatest" Is Shameful

Yesterday on BuzzFeed, there was an article "Why Rugby is the Greatest, Most Important Sport of ALL TIME". Though I definitely agree that rugby is the best sport to have ever come into my life, my reasons are much more valid than Matt Stopera's views. Like any sport, of course there are plenty of hunks on the pitch. His review of the sport is why people who really love a sport, hate people who have no idea what they are talking about and just go to check out the players.

The least he could have done is took 3 minutes to Google what the player are doing in the pictures.  He says it's cool because "guys are constantly plowing into each other". If you think the sport is that great take a couple seconds to realize what a tackle is vs a ruck. He also says "they do this thing where they lock up and grab one another's butts". Guess what, it's called a scrum, and you don't grab each other's asses, you bind to their shirts.

There was a good mix of comments from people being impressed with the body tones of players, to people who actually play commenting on how much more there is to the sport.

I think the day rugby was introduced to me was the greatest day in my life, but not for the guy in short shorts. Sure there were attractive men, but I played because for women it was an empowered sport for women to play. I think it was the greatest day because I made amazing friends who I had the craziest times of my life with. I got to travel around for rugby and see cities I probably wouldn't have otherwise. The day rugby came into my life I learned an entire new subculture of songs, games, bonding, practice,  fitness, travel, and an entire family I wouldn't trade for the world, that extends to all different parts of the world.

Another BuzzFeed article is the "Top 40 Hottest Pairs of Rugby Thighs", which if you're into the sport for the good legs, then that would be your follow up article. My point, if you're going to claim you love rugby, or it's the greatest sport ever, don't cheapen it to what has become lingerie football.

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