Chicago Doyle, the future of the All Blacks

A ten year old, who holds our cities name as his own, has been taking the internet by storm. Chicago Doyle is the future of rugby. Youth development of rugby in the United States on the uprise, but as we look to our future in the 2016 Olympics, is does not look as bright as this young star's. The video that has been all over Facebook and news outlets,  shows a young man who not only has speed and strength, but one who can read the field as well as his opponents. He is able to avoid tackles, push through defenders, and catch up to his opposition and make great clean tackles.

Chicago is part of the Pakuranga Rugby Club in New Zealand. Chicago Doyle's 7's Highlights can be seen here. This is just ONE of the clips that has been uploaded to show the skills this kid has.  So how can we take our youth, and get them to the level of kids now only in New Zealand, but around the world including the UK, France, Brazil, South Africa and many other countries?

As I have said in past blogs, the Chicago Wapiti is the best youth program that has so far been established. The Naperville Park District also has a program that is currently in session.  All of our adult leagues in the city have definitely stepped up in all of their divisions to finish well this past fall. High School programs, like Brother Rice's has numerous state titles, and the Illinois Tornadoes have done well in all of their tours and championship titles. Growth of the sport in dependent on exposure of the game. It needs to become as saturated as little league baseball and pee-wee football leagues. However, being able to read a field and defense is not something that happens over night and is rare in such a young age.  Young Chicago Doyle, is the real deal when it comes to New Zealand's strength in this sport. 

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