World Naked Bike Ride v Naked Rugby

Yesterday hundreds of people stripped down to bare their feeling about the world dependance on oil and non-renweable resources. Next weekend in Rockford, the Ravens will host Whorefest. Whorefest is a tournament of co-ed mixed teams of players from college to senior clubs, in teams of 10 and has been known to occassionally have a game of Midnight Naked Rugby. There are also all nude rugby teams as was well seen in the last world cup. WNBR is a great way to bond with your community nd local biking community. Whorefest, is a great way to spend your Father's Day Weekend. So which one is more liberating?



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  • Well Stephanie, I am ALL in favor of being naked all the time if the weather permits. And god knows naked is a great look for government too... ( But Rugby? Cycling? Speaking, I believe, for most guys, I can't think of two activities less conducive to letting it all hang out than those two. Being a life-long runner and a cyclist, it's a no-brainer as to which is more conducive to shedding it all. In fact, I'm sorry that Chicago doesn't have its own "Bay to Breakers" like in S.F. where anything goes and often it does. As for rugby? Really? Have these guys had all their children? On the other hand, I hope I'm not being too chauvinistic in saying that I'd enjoy watching an all female rugby match... :-)

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