Brother Rice, Plainfield, Lake Forrest Harries and Blackhawks all have WINNING in common!

What a week it's been for sports in Chicago. The Chicago White Soxs hosted the Chicago Cubs for the first set of the Crosstown Classics.  The Blackhawks had an intensely awesome game  winning in an extremely tight game minutes into over time. Hawks fans across the city have been on edge the past two games hoping and believing that their teams could pull out that much needed win to advance Western Conference Finals. After the memorial Day games, the players in the iYRA State Championship (who are not that much younger than some of the Blackhawk stars) all will be advancing to National, and many on to college where rugby scholarships await them!


You can get more pictures at the iYRA's Facebook Page, along with other players who will be heading to college to continue their rugby play!


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