Memorial Day and IYRA State Championships


The Illinois Youth Rugby Association is proud to announce our 14th annual State Championships this Memorial Day May 27th. We are proud to develop youth through rugby and this event is the culmination of a very competitive season.
We will also hold the Middle School Championships on June 2nd, as the event has grown to big to accommodate each age Bracket.

As always the Championship will be held at the Chicago Blaze Rugby Complex at 13011 Smith Rd. Lemont Il. There will be games on all three fields starting at 10 am and culminating with the Tier 1 State Championship at 4 pm.
Over 40 teams will compete at the events, vying for the championship or pride of taking in the third place trophy.
The Illinois Tornados All State Team will have their annual Possible/Probable game on Memorial Day and also compete in the Annual Corn Bowl North vs. South All Stars on June 2nd. The Tornados traveled to Europe last summer and plan on going to Pittsburgh and Los Angeles this summer to test their mettle.
This year we will hold the First Annual “ Most Skilled Rugger” Competition each day, with 5 events consisting of Passing, Kicking and Running to decide the MSR. At the HS Championships there will be a boys/girls division and at the MS Championships kids will compete in age groups 10-14.  This year will also mark the first time we feature Senior Commitment/Signing Day. With the recent growth of rugby as a varsity sport at the collegiate level, we have over 65 kids that will participate. Colleges that have committed to attend, Notre Dame University, Davenport University, Notre Dame College, University of Dayton, Southern Illinois University, Northern Illinois, University of Illinois and Illinois State.
Also Men’s Clubs The Chicago Blaze, Fox Valley Maoris, and Chicago Riot will have commitments.
Admission is $5
Here are some links of Highlights from our last two Championships
IYRA State Finals 2011
IYRA State Finals 2012

HS State Championships Memorial Day May 27
"Most Skilled Rugger" Competition!

The First annual "Most Skilled Rugger" Competitions will be held on Memorial Day May 27 and June 2nd.
Individuals will have the chance to compete in 5 events, but have the option to compete in just individual events 1-7 depending on skill set and position.

1. Fastest Tight Five
2. Fastest Back Row
3. Fastest Back
4. Passing Accuracy
5. Kicking Accuracy
6. Passing for Distance
7. Kicking for Distance.

Competitors that compete in all 5 events will have the chance to be named
"Most Skilled Rugger"
A Point system of 3,2, 1 will be awarded for each event being 1st place scores 3pts, 2nd place scores 2pts, and 3rd place scores 1. Rugger with most points in all 5 events will be named "MSR."
Please see attached and share with your team.

Individual events cost $3 to enter, or $10 to enter all 5.

Proceeds will benefit the Illinois Boys/Girls Tornado/Hurricanes Programs

Please let your kids know, if you are playing on Memorial Day or in MS Championships on June 2nd that they will be tested following your match.

The "Most Skilled Rugger" held at MS State Championships will vary a little differently with just Fastest Forward and Fastest Back.

I'm including Flyer's for each day, please share with your players and encourage them to participate! Even if your team is not playing at State Championships, this could be a great way to fly your team banner, please dress in team gear.

We will have medal ceremonies after all team awards are handed out.

In conjunction with Senior commitment day, this could help get a kid's skills noted by a collegiate coach that is attending.
We have 65+ Seniors that will commit or sign scholarships during the HS State Championships!

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Sign up will be at front gate day of events, announcements will be made throughout day to keep competitors informed.

Thanks in advance to Rhino USA, Notre Dame Rugby, Chicago Rhinos Rugby, Will Bates and Dave Zdneovec for sponsoring and working the Skills Competition!

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