Last Saturday was the perfect day for rugby. And not just one day of rugby but a full day starting at 8am and running intot the evening. The fields were suprisingly dry after the terrible rains the days before, and with teams all over the Midwest, the grill going and music filling the air (as well as the intense competition) made for a great day indeed.  CARFU Ball Champions Chiccago Blaze there were also big wins for Pitt City on making DII Midwest Championship Finals.  Will Morrigans won the women's bracket of the CARFU Ball. The Northwest Woodsmen also had big wins this past weekend including on against Lake County.

The Riot game was an action packed game. Both the Chiacgo Riot and Kalamazoo came out with the desire to win. The first half both teams were evenly challenged.    The Riot had the first try of the game but shortly after, Kalamazoohad a penalty deep in their half of the field andquickly made the score  7-3. The Riot was able to keep ball control for the majority of the first half, and pressure on Kalamazoo.  The Riot was able to keep pressure on their opponet and made conversions bringing the score to 24-3.  Kalamazoo began to pick it up and as the first half of the game winding down too control of the field. On a break they scored and brought the score to  24-10 at the half. In the second half of the game, again it came down to ball controll and posession and Kalamazoo had the majority of it as the game restarted. Kalamazoo had two quick scores in the second, and missing on conversion brought the game to a tie. The 24-24 score put pressure on the Riot as they knew the importance of placememnt for their trip to Nationals. The Riot, though under pressure kept a clear had and knew that a a tie, is basically a 0-0 and it can be anyones game. The Riot has another score on an overloadand after bringing the  the score to 29-24, were able to hold Kalamazoo scoreless for therest of the game. The final score was 41-24, giving the Riot the top spot in the Midwest DIII on their way to Nationals.


On the other side of the city, the Chicago Griffins had a close game against New Orleans but unfortunately they will not be advancing on their run for nationals this year.



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