USA Rugby has THREE selected for USA Rugby All American High School PT. 2

Sondai Adjei is 17 years old and will soon be heading out of Chicago to spend part of his spring in London. He attends St. Rita High School in Chicago and discovered rugby just a few years ago. He started playing rugby after his track season to keep in shape and get ready for football season. David Fee, who also is a Rita Alumi and played with the National Team and World Cup has helped coach and guide Adjei on his path to making the USA Rugby All American High School team. Over the past summer he played with the South Side Irish going to almost a dozen sevens tournaments and also began playing with the Illinois Tornadoes Select Side Team. His coach at St. Rita Mike Fleming has also helped him along the way, always being in contact with his mother and not only guiding him in rugby but making sure he keeps his grades up and has a balance between sports and academics.


Sondei AdjeiAdjei is already looking forward to getting into college and and playing rugby at what ever school he attends. He has already been accepted to Penn State, American International, and Davenport. He plans n being invited to the U20's camps and will be spending his summers playing with the Chicago Lions. Adjei has dedicated a lot of his time to staying in shape and getting ready to take his fitness to the next level for rugby.

Ever since I found out I had the potential to make it to a higher level with rugby, that's when I started to take my fitness more serious. I wake up at about 5:10 every morning, stretch, do some yoga, do 50-80 push-ups, then do four sets of ten pull-ups, do planks and bridges. I come to school then after school work out and run, and before bed to some push ups and pull ups. I also follow the USA rugby fitness programs we're suppose to do and send in my scores to the coach on the weekends.

Just being able to say that he plays and getting to travel is what Sondai Adjei looks forward to with this AAHS team. HE likes that people are spreading his name and it keeps his excited to be a part of the sport. Pregame, Adjei likes to be goofy and confident and gets his music to hype him up but before the game starts he clams down and focuses on the task at hand. He said he plays for fun, but he really plays to win.

He will be attending the College Combine this year and is hoping more college's get to see him. He also said that his friends and family are always there to support him.

My friends are excited to know someone who plays for the All American team they are there for me. My family jokes about how we need to make it to the Olympics. I have the support of my coach [Mike Flemming] has also really helped me.  He brought me up, I went into the sport knowing nothing  but because of him, I learned different ways how to play the game besides just playing on athleticism... You can't really judge a sport before you get out there and play it. My freshman year I heard about rugby but didn't really want to play it. Then I went to a practice and I found I love it. Rugby is more safe than football, you can't just blow people out, you need to have technique. You can't judge the sport with out playing it and I think it's a beautiful sport and spend everyday thinking about it.

sondai making a good low tackleHis coach Mike Flemming said that the St. Rita Rugby Team has plenty of support. The guys on the team all help each other as most kids who come in and have never played before. No one leave anyone behind, seniors help freshman and there is never anyone cut or left out. He tells the kids, if they don't like it that's ok, but try it and walk away friends. Sondai plays wing and fly for St. Rita and with the  All American High School Squad he will be playing fly and in Sevens he plays hooker and scrumhalf. As for his teammates, Eamon Morran said, "Nick Argie  told me,

There were a lot of freshman that came out to the team last year and other players like Eamon and Sondai really helped us. We didn't know what we were doing and the upper-class men really helped us out and I am hoping to also help out freshman and new players, like they have.

Sondai Adjei will be leaving for London on the 16th and staying through the 23rd.

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