As a thrifty shopper I will not be made a fool of!

I am a very thrifty shopper. I only buy my rugby balls when World Rugby Shop has their annual $7.99 sale. I wait until my 15/80 or Give Blood, Play Rugby sweat pants are at their lowest price from Rugby Imports. And when it comes to my yoga pants, groceries, or anything else I always try to get the best price possible. So the thing I have recently been shopping for is Corelle dishes. My grandmother had a set that I now have. The set has lasted 50 yrs and no plates have broken through both her children and me and my siblings. So I have been searching around for the best price for these dishes. Bought a set for $65 at WalMart, then found them on sale at for $47.99. Returned the one set to go to Target for the better price but that sale was over. SO I decided to quickly search the Internet for the next best price.

correlle bs1K-Mart was listed on Google Shopping for having them on sale for just 44.99! Even better than the last sale price I had coveted at #1. Called my local K-Mart, they had two sets in stock for the sale price. SCORE! Run over the the store to pick them up, and when I race to the isle I find the only two sets in the Square Pure White, the catch? They're 49.99! Apparently the K-Mart group does not have the same prices in the store as they do online.correlle4 That is my starting complaint. How do you not have the same price listed online that you do in the store? Apparently that is not their policy. They do not honor the online price to the price they carry in the store. Stupid policy? YES I THINK SO TOO! So why the girl I talked to when I called told me that price? I have no idea. But $5 isn't that big of a difference right? Technically no, not really. However, with getting two sets that's $10, which could buy me two Ferbu-any $5 foot-longs to eat on those dishes.

So I decided to go back on my phone and order the dishes online to have them shipped to the store for free. Which makes so much more sense, because they would do what I just did. Pick up the dishes from the shelf and put them behind the counter until I pick them-up. The service desk will not however place that order for you. So again on my phone I put two sets into my shopping cart. Two sets of dishes. Just 44.99! Total with tax and free shipping comes to... $129.98. I know what you're thinking. I must have mistakenly purchased three sets instead of just two. NOPE! Just two sets. So naturally I decided to call customer service to explain to me this odd phenomenon.

The young lady, who had a very nice calm voice asked me why I was calling. I asked why the website has once price, the store has another price ancorrelle3trimmed3d when i go to purchase my order online, I get a third price. She tells me, that their site has a backwards updating process. When their site is getting ready to switch over prices, the website doesn't reflect it, however the shopping cart will. I'm sorry, did I confuse you because her logic certainly confused me! So basically K-Mart advertises one price, but will charge you a different one if you do not catch the mistake and question it yourself. I knew there was no way that tax would be $30 extra. But the girl kept telling me I don't understand how pricing works. But I do understand how pricing works, because as I said before I am quite the thrifty shopper. If you advertise a price, you have to give it to someone AT that price. Otherwise that is called fraud and ripping correlle2trimmed2someone off. Again she told me that she could place my order trying to put in the price but if the computer says something else she has to give it to me for that price. So what exactly would be the point of placing that order when she'd charge me $20 per set and then only later finding out that's the price I'd be getting it for once the charge has gone through? So naturally I ask to talk to a manager. Not quite sure why this is the thing you have to resort to if you want to get anything done, but it is. She asked if should could put me on hold for a second and if she could have my last name again, but since I never gave her my last name to begin with I told her no, especially since she never gave me any name at all for her.

She came back to tell me, her manager said she CAN give the dishes to me for the price listed online! Wow, who knew you could purchase something for that price that it's actually listed for online! AMAZING. So as she's getting all my billing information, she misspelled my name 3 times, I had to repeat my street address twice and my phone number another 4 times. I speak quite clearly and the number she had were not even close to anything I said. Instead of 773, she had down 759. SO we go through everything and then she says they will be shipped in 3-5 business days. The whole in-store pick up thing was totally lost on her. So again she had to get all information, again. The she tell me my total is $135. Trying to remain calm I asked her how that could possibly be. She told me she than had to have her manager give me a credit back for $50.


So buyer beware! Always double check you shopping and final price. I went from $125 to $135, to just $85 for dishes after the credit back. It may have taken a trip to the store and a 30 minute customer service call, but for $50 I'll take it! However I now have a much lower opinion of K-Mart, the American shopping system, and have learned to be extra scrutinizing of stores and their policy between in-store and online pricing as well as match and best price guarantees. I hope you all do too and hope your shopping experiences are good and you get what you wanted, for the price you were promised!


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