Best way to beat the cold from the Burbs to the City, BREWERY TOUR

So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, a pub crawl is just they way to do it.

What? You think it's going to be too cold to walk from bar to bar? The Blaze Boys have that taken of for you with a bus that will take you from bar to bar!

Hate that pub crawls only cover an in to the bar? NOT THIS ONE! At each bar, the Blaze's sponsor, Argus Brewery will hook you up with not one, but TWO brews at each spot along the way.

ummmmm...beerSo first off, the frost has finely come and with frost, comes the image of a mouth watering, cold beer that feels so good going down that is warms your insides. All the holiday fun crawls are over, so no ugly sweaters are needed, though you can wear whatever you'd like as a great conversation starter. Second of all this pub crawl gives you something to do if you are in the suburbs, where bars are not with in a block or two of each other. The bars on these tour are all over the Chicago-land area so you'll get to not only be able to have a wide variety of beer, but also be able to check out sports you might never have other wise and perhaps find a new favorite place. The event is only 50 bucks, and if you don't feel like drinking or spending a ton, the drinks come along with the full ride courtesy of Argus Beer.

Argus coins it's self as being brewed with a Chicago attitude. And if you have not tried their beers yet, which I had my fill at Chuck's Fest this summer, their beers are awesome! The company descries it's self as

We’re tough and sometimes unruly, rising from the rugged south side of Chicago to become one of the most popular craft brews in the city and beyond. Our Chicago Attitude is something of which we’re proud. Something we think you’ll taste in each Argus Brew—flavor, depth, the unusual and carefully brewed taste of a premium craft beer.

Their brewery is located in the historic Joseph E. Schlitz distribution stables, and have been around since the early 1900′s. Two large terracotta horse heads on the parapet  on the outside of their building, which once housed the Schlitz horse teams and carriages. They also boast to create beers that challenge the best beers in the world. If micro brews are your thing you will want to be on this pub crawl since many of Argus's beer are brew for select pubs only and not available anywhere else!

The tour for the night consists of starting out meeting up at the Blaze Club House in Lemont off 135th and Smith Rd. From their the group will be going to Quigley's in Naperville from 2:30 3:30 where the featured drink will be Patron’s Reserve. I am a tequila girl myself, but this is not tequila but a beer that only Quigley's has on tap. Though I am sure shots of Patron will be accepted and probably best to get the liquor done before many more brews follow ( I believe that's how the saying goes) and get things started right. Quigley's Patron Reserve is described as a California Common ABV 5.4%, and though I am no beer expert, I know when i was living in California I pretty much liked every beer I drank.   After the stop in Naperville, Ballydoyle in Downers Grove 4 -5 will be next where the two included drinks are McCaffery’s Irish Cream Ale. This beer is Irish-Style Cream Ale ABV 4.14% and is brewed specially for this pub. That means, it's the only play you can get it and you will DEFINATELY want to try it. After Ballydoyle,  the bus will hope on over to Clarendon Hills, to Country House where the feature beers is Irish-style Red Cream Ale ABV 4.14%. Again this beer is only available at this bar. Next on the list is none other than the brewery itself.

Heading to the Argus brewery on the far southside. If you've ever been on a brewery you know that its a great way to sample different beer in their freshest form, and I find it very interesting to see how they do their brewing process. Grant C. Johnston is the VP of Operations and has been a full-time Brewmaster for over 20 years in the SF Bay Area and in London, England. During that time, he won 17 medals at the Great American Beer Festival held annually in Denver, Colorado according to Argus's website.Johnston is also listed as

A 15-time judge of the Great American Beer Festival; a 6-time judge of the Great British Beer Festival; and a 5-time judge of the International World Beer Cup held in the USA. He has been a member of the Master Brewers Association of the Americas since 1991.

So if there were any questions about it, this guy knows what he's doing, when it comes to beer.


The last two stops on the tour include  Jimmie Green's 9-10 which features the South Loop Lager, again only brewed for that bar. This lager is ABV 5.6% so it's a nice heavier to slow down and relax some as you get deep into the evening hours. The final bar on this beer cruise is one of my most FAVORITE BARS IN THE CITY...Reggie's Rock Club! If you have ever been to Reggies, you know that first of all it's the BEST place to tail gate before a Bears Game, they always have awesome music kicking (live music at that), a kick ass record store, and awesome food! The bus for this entire outing if being lent out from Reggies and the group will stay at the bar until 10:15-12:30. Jarrett Payton’s All American Wheat Ale at a 5% ABV will be the two brews that are included on this final stop before heading back to the Blaze Club House.

This will be an unforgettable pub crawl that will be hard to remember so make a note of which beer were best at which bar! If you have ever been on a Reggie's Rock Bus you know that they drivers are kick ass, lots of metal and rock music blasting and a good time. There is ample driving time between bars so not only will you get your two beers included at each stop, but beer on the bus. I suggest if you're in the city, carpool to the Blaze pitch to start teh day out, and take a cab back home from Reggies. If you live out in the burbs, give me or another person your two beers and sober up some before you get back to your car and go home fore the night. Or make sure to have a loved one pick you up from the Blaze Club house after they're done watching this weeks SNL!
To reserve your space sign up ASAP. $50 is nothing with seven stops (that's 14 beers) and a designated driver, plus a brewery tour! If you were going to drink 14 beers at any bar you'd definitely spend at least $50 so you'll get more than your money's worth! Hope to see you out this weekend and lets warm up with some beer!

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