International Play and Thanksgiving Day!

So I am sure that we are all excited for one of the biggest foodie holidays around. The one that makes those endless days of work practice and the gym all worth the 4 day weekend and eating what ever you want before diving into your winter off season conditioning workouts. For this Thanksgiving the USA Eagles are over seas ready to take on France. The Women's Eagles XV recently beat Italy in their first ever match up. The final score was 34-20 with Chicago North SHore's Kate Daley scoring one try and assisting in another.  North Shore's Jenny Lui also played as Scrumhalf subbing in at the 40 minute mark  fro Caroline White. Since France is about 7 hours ahead of us the game should be just about in the middle and wishing Kate and J-Lui the best luck in the game.


Also USA Rugby recently celebrated their 100th Anniversary of their first ever international game. November 16th 1912 was the first USA international game was played on November 16, 1912 at Berkeley against the Australia National Rugby Union team (Wallabies). USA Rugby is also selling a commemorative 100th Anniversary ball.

Now as for tomorrow, all over the city will be Turkey Bowls and a few of them will be with people playing rugby and of course with Saturday being a Rugby Day the games will continue.

On Thanksgiving day is the 2nd Annual Chicago Ruck n Gobble. FREE All-ages Rugby Tourney - rain, shine or snow.  Never played before? No prob, learn in five minutes.  Just wanna watch? No problem, bring a chair & a beverage. There will be 2 divisions: Touch (no contact) or Heavy Touch (minor contact) FREE t-shirts, food, drink & trophies and donations accepted to raise money for youth rugby. The pitch is just west of Cricket Hill, between Montrose & Wilson at the Lake and you can get more info here

The Northwest Woodsmen RFC is hosting the 4th Annual Turkey Bowl (Rugby Style!), the  event will benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The 4th Annual Turkey Bowl - Touch Rugby  will be followed by a Hot Dog Social and will be all ages, Coed; Teams will formed by age, experience & ability at the fields; there will be a MS match separate from the adults & HS players; non-players are welcome. It is free and funds for Leukemia will be raise by t-shirts sales available for $20. The fields surround the American Legion Hall at 121 N Douglas Ave, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004. If you cannot make it out to the game you can still donate to the cause here.
Saturday after Thanksgiving the 24th the Sirens are inviting all to "Work off the turkey and taters." in a co-ed, all levels of play and ages. They will work the games depending on how many show up. Start at 1pm – till about 5pm at their regualr game Location/Homepitch: Miller Meadows (2199 S. 1st Avenue, Maywood, IL, 60153) - There is a light at 1st and 17th, you'll want to turn east into the forest preserve (field is east of 1st) and once in the forest preserve just follow the lot to the right and you'll see us.

I know I keep writing get out and enjoy this last weekend of nice weather, however this may be the last Rugby event of the year (minus end of season parties),  unless any clubs are going to have a Christmas Classic. So pick up a ball this weekend and go have a great holiday predinner or post Black Friday shopping. 60 in late November is insane and I hope you all get to enjoy it. Happy Thanksgiving and Mort à la France! Go Eagles! Also remember to support the Chicago Riot's Movember efforts. Just a week left to donate!



* In my last post I forgot to mention the South Side Irish and thier play off win. CONGRATS!

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