The weather couldn't put a damper on D1 game

This past Saturday in the cold and mix or rain and mist, Chicago Women and Chicago North Shore played in their last regular season game before getting ready to see who will stand where on the way to nationals. It was a tough game with a few injuries and tough play for the pack as wet conditions usually lead to. Chicago Women had the first score of the game after a loose ball was kicked and chased down by their center and that was the only score that Chicago Women saw through out the game. North Shore fought hard with three back to back tries. It was very much a forwards game but the entire team came together and play a well composed game and finished their season undefeated.


Going into National North Shore had a definite sport having won Nationals last year, and from the CR2 Region, the three seeds North Shore, Detroit and Chicago with Chicago women taking the third seed spot. At Playoffs, Chicago NS will face Philadelphia and Chicago will be up against Atlanta. You can get more info about the National schedule on


The Blaze pitch was on fire Saturday with not only the women's crosstown match, but Nobel High School Network came out to play a game with team from within their school system that are coached by Chicago players and North Shore helping out running touch and Sir-ing the game. On the men's side, the Blaze hosted the Chicago Riot as well as the Fossils playing the Riots B side. The men's team was hosting the second FBI Classic. Norm Smyth organized the event to remember Chris Chapman, who passed away last June 3rd, leaving behind two young kids. As always the "Blaze Brotherhood" was strongly displayed with many gift baskets, raffel items and a 50/50. Saturday would have been Chapman's 30th Birthday. The club raise just over $900 for Chapman's children.  Argus Beer also donated to the to the raffle with a framed jersey that also celebrated the club's 30th Anniversary.

This weekend the Riot will host Lake County for both their A and B sides at Smith Park. The Chicago Griffins are playing Detroit and the Woodsmen, and the South Side Irish will be at home with Fox Valley. The CARFU teams are getting ready to go into their divisions Midwest Play Offs.

The women will have a rest before the first round of Nationals next weekend, but North Shore will still be playing this Sunday with local kids who want to learn the game. Get your the kids together, grab your neighbor's kid and head out to Revere Park for the Wapiti's Monthly Youth Clinic. It's two hours of fun and fitness, while kids learn a totally new and emerging sport so when it's in the Olympics in a few year they can tell their friends, "Yeah I've been playing that game since I was 5!"



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