Nationals are here!

This weekend is the Women's rugby clubs across the USA will head to nationals in Atlanta, GA. Two of the teams headed to those games incluse both of Chicago's D1 teams, Chicago Women and Chicago North SHore.


North Shore will return to the playoffs as the defending national champions, a title which they have coveted over this past year and no doubt are ready to try and keep it. Like most rugby teasm they are a close knit family and a group that feed well off one another. Being able to read one another help both on and off the field, but in game situations can truly keep people level headed and working smoothly as they did two weeks ago against Chicago Women in tough weather conditions.  Jenny Lui, team captain of North Shore explained that a broke down car helped bond the team this season with other girls turnign around to pick up left behind players so no one would miss the game.

Teams change so much from year to year and we're no different, so of course, our personnel is a little different. We've had some people move away and have also gotten an influx of great new talent, but the thing that has remained consistent has been our heart and team chemistry. We've had a theme of "no one gets left behind" ever since our car trouble in Minnesota and that mentality has treated us really well this season.

Jenny Lui is the field captain and Maggie Craig is the co-captain.  Craig has been a leader in the front row, but she's really stepped it up and done a fantastic job in a formal leadership role. Noby Takaki, one of North Shore's selectors has worked really hard in the off season to come back from an injury she got in the final game last year. But now she's back and more focused than ever. With a mix of veteran leadership and fresh-faced talent the forwards have helped North Shore perform a powerful season.  Jenny Lui added that,

Mentally and physically we're looking forward to the weekend. With every game this season we've gotten better and better and are just now finding our consistency. We're taking it one game at a time and not looking past anyone. So, every game will be the biggest challenge."

Chicago Women will also be heading to Atalanta being the third seed team in this first round of nationals. Chicago has a very strong team defense and if their back line can be more powerful in the games that I have seen them in this season they can definitely make it to the next round. I am sure both teams will have a great pre-halloween weekend traveling and playing top level rugby.


As for around the city, you can join the Condors, Frogs and Sirens at Easy Bar Saturday where 30 bucks will get you three hours of drinking (8-11pm). The Griffins sponsor bar will also be havng their annual Halloween Party on Saturday. There will be a costume contest where the best/funniest/most creative costume wins, and there's an optional $25 package that includes Goose Island and Bud Light drafts, and well drinks 9:00 to 1:00 a.m.


Hope you all have a fun and save weekend! And to our Chicago ladies going to Nationals.... KCIK SOME ASS!

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