Why YOU should be referee certified

So with the NFL fiasco where people were going crazy about the replacement refs, it got me thinking to how, first off everyone thinks they are a ref, and if you have a problem with a call, well then maybe you should be on the field making the calls. With every sport, in particular little league, I love when fans and parents like to yell the the re, ump, or sir and say they don't know what they are talking about. When I referee soccer games I hear plenty of it in rather friendly matches. At rugby games i have heard plenty of times how the sir totally missed a knock or a call and if the side judges are good, hopefully they catch what the sir didn't.  However,when you're in college or even some smaller games/tournaments players run the side lines and help call out of touch as well as advantage.

Between the CARFU Senior and College teams, iYRA youth teams as well as clinics and other leagues going around in the city, a certified coach is mandatory, but a certified ref should be as well. Not only are CARFU refs leading a busy life between day jobs and then running around the union trying to make games, but it's a good chance for you to really understand the game as well as being on top of all the new sanctions that come up. In any game, no offense to our hard working great sir's, but no person is perfect and can make every single call, but there are also close calls in over fast paced game that can be tough calls and they have to make them. Instead of being pissed off though and thinking you saw something a certain way, educated yourself and know the laws. Then back at your practice, game review, or when ever you reflect/correct mistakes you can know what the person is doing wrong.

Also most clubs are 501c3 and need to give back to the community and do through clinics or other ways. Volunteer to referee at one of the many youth games across the city like most CARFU Refs already do. Or you know that game you played where the sir was about an hour late? Not that it happens often but when it does, and if not union, you can jump in and get things rolling. You can hold a B Side if your sir has another game to get to. I know most big tournaments can always use an extra sir as we've all had hold ups at Nash Bash or other tourneys that have a sudden boom in enrollment and as much as a game can wear you out, imagine what a sir who works a full day like the Fire House 7s feels after the weekend.  You can just host a casual "crosstown" practice. And if there is ever a need for replacement refs at say...the Churchhill Cup, perhaps you'll be selected!

As for the games that are going on around town this weekend:

*Chicago Lions @ Chicago Griffins playing at Riis Park @ 6pm

*South Side Irish will be hosting Clinton Iowa at the Dan Ryan Woods

*The Northwest Woodsmen will be playing Lake County @ Busse Woods

*Chicago Riot will be playing the Dragons @ Smith Park

*The Sirens will be taking on the Morrigans at Miller Meadows Forrest Preserve

The away games for the senior leagues include:

North Shore @ Austin, Chicago Blaze D1 @ Milwaukee Barbarians, Chicago Blaze D2 @  Rockford Ravens and Chicago Weside Condors @ Banshees


If I do not list your club, PLEASE send me your game schedule! Also the CARFU site has yet to post their updated season schedule so as soon as that is up I will be sure to end it on!

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